Care In The Community

This was a opp to make a record with a large production team and other musicians -Meaning there was a budget!

It has all the things one would expect from a polished sounding record that’s objective it to reach a popp market. Lu Edmonds, Mark Roberts, Ben Mandelson helped to complete this in 2006. It was recorded/produced at unit 2 studios north Acton London by Aide Hardy (he played bass)

I had to do the artwork with Mr. Chapman standing over the shoulder of the artist. Those around me at the time who wanted the fame, pop and WORK, felt it was ill advised to to have religious symbols on the front cover – the point for me was to unify as it always is. That’s idealism not fascism. To stand by in a privileged place (western decadent culture) and not make a effort or to be afraid, which is what most in the world does.

We don’t do that. That is my point.

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