What gwaa on?Khai haal hai?allright? undericht? 2020 Lovely future to YOU!!

Dear humans i know lott goes on and whats a man like me saying this or that?

Well as i am a Yogi i am told. Of sorts jokingly in me world people even have called me a Messiah or a Prophet. I am not that. Not me in any form. What form shall we take then – love is the key. Forgiveness and acceptance and as i say one can forget the bad things of the past whilst the future comes. Be open to positive outcomes.

The last 3 shows were lovely and life confirming thanks to Attila for the show at Duke of Wellington Shoreham by sea & Karl Phillips and Doozer Mcdooze who i played with for the first time. Attila the Stockbrocker is a Topp poet and writer and a believer in many good things. Special mention to Arthur who attended he is a Real One.

Also thanks to the George and Dragon Salisbury Nick Lamb for also allowing me to sing very dark an melodic & extreme new stuff (The second part of The chronicles of Jhon Brute) The first part is on me bandcamp platform- chk-https://babarluck.bandcamp.com/

Incidently respect is a action not a word Nick has learnt that and continues to try to show himself and others around him thats how leaders are made. Those that know me will know that.

As regards to shows Bigg upp!! to Chris Fishlock and Random Hand for sorting the Bristol Exchange show it was a Matinee and a evening show – splendid it was. we Play there again march 28th 2020 solo or otherwise watch me spaceship.

me and mr.Fishlock at Bristol smileing after a smashing night with Random Hand one of me Cuzz bands coz i am who i am so call dem that- they can call me what they want. Friend uncle bro cuzz even…ha ha …hee..hee idiot fool crazy genuis etc etc

Holding on to things to get at and to justify their selves or ourselves what does that achieve?? I am hurting if you are hurting. I have caused hurt like when i drew blood on me foes and loved ones many occasions in me past does that surprise you? I hope it does not. Or are you afraid now. Dont be its ok. we be ok you be ok. Honesty… hold me hand and dont let go….Mr.james thank you

I dont want you to be afraid of justice and equality and honesty.

The rock and roll circus media charade it is a Bussiness(capitalism money is bussiness) and the craveing for the fame and spotlight is a sickness.

History is sick.

The future is sick and i am sexy like slick Rick (ol skool referance stupid one at that) -Most in that line of work are sick. So sick a bit like me?? Joking or am i??

The Nubien mrs wanted to make a political statement coz i am considered serious and political in some circles – to oppose that- to be free as a artist creativ-And i was told sex sells- Are we all a commodity- nice leggs??

Hold on, the cries of the innocent children are stil ringing me years-

Sadly i am just a musician..???

what can i do? As the bullies with their greedy minds and selfish ways try and take me cake. I have already freely given them slices and been generous. I have no more cake left to give . Now well i need a slice for me self. I want cake.

In a way thats why i am talking so you know our music is not a brand or a commercial exercise -did that chap turn the other cheek and he could have swung bang bang knocked the authoratarien Geezer out – Did he? Did she? maybe it was a she. From my experience the she is even more powerful then the he. Thats ok with me.

Please assist me and others who are not into the Rock and Roll circus and the false ideals and debased behavior (which is fun!!) Not the lying tho and the truly horrific egos that are dominent since time. Is that me??? ha ha – dont forget to laugh and keep smileing –

Be each others light in the dark acceptance Trust teamwork silence and belief n stupid jokes…

So the point being we are trying to get money to buy ingredients to make lotts of variety of cake lotts of flavours

https://babarluck.bandcamp.com/ download chk investigate listhen

Otherwise come to shows (if you can) pass follow and shout to anyone who can help with shows and festivals – Book Babar luck and his amazing bands.

or simply clapping loudly at the end of the song…….Babar luck Babar luck Babar Luck

Most importantly love thyself and love those around you

Honesty is all we have –

And thats the truth- Til nx time peace B

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