Boomtown 2019

& about how we can make a better world from the world of Babar Luck Aug 2019

Boomtown 2019 was the nx bit; The viewpoints expressed are from a place of love excuse if they come across as too strong – we have to get along – Good to be around those that like and respect you- we try to love and respect everybody we keep trying to make a better world including a better me.

of the write i write for you You
that all inclusiv idealist dreamer
traveller schemer insider outsider
the bully the bullied the civilian the clock work angels
simply music lover or the curious
or the accidental reading this coz
the modem world made you hit that button
now you r in my orbit 
I Babar luck a child of migrancy dual cultural legacy where empires rise and fall. No worry hold on trebien 
this is poem blogg of sorts a write to describe what we did in Boomtown 2019 
the kaptain booked i
we have exchanged words 
he knows i am a emotional person no doubt like himself at times
& what times words fail me
no they don’t
i got those and those that feel it know dat Equal rights and justice is a mustice (like ghosts those words weigh me down)

its ok i can take the wait
It is the way the world is things that get massive or what comes from the underground grows it becomes something to be managed 
there must be rules and discipline
yes as a musician or artist of any kind almost
we get what we can get
I am told 
& this time for the first time in a long while i stayed till the Monday for those unaware of festival and fairs and gatherings they vary a incredible amount 
its in flows – 
Most begin & end 
There is NO naivety on me part about business
There is GREAT naivety on most who have not made business
– payed the cost to be the boss – sounds romantic
A cliche –
It is not 
It is what deciding choosing what’s best crunching numbers and time trying to make people feel worthy and accepted and good and cared for
about delegating good business is good happy peoples working as a team with given tasks shared and problems solved 
There is always avarice and greed its human nature
Inequality injustice is i am told natural 
I disagree In my experience things can work in so many ways
they got to work 
objectives to be reached deadlines pressure putt
each enviroment requires a different sett of tools 
delivered deadpan 
yes the wife n i decided to camp and yes those that know me

wil know me practical skills r limited
to be kind 
Be more kind like Frank says 
easier said then done like most lyrics of songs easier

wrote then done 
vote then done 

the democracy slope 
the other half
was practical and angelic like fix upp tent life yamm

beans & foods count me blessings thank she & the stars 
Boomtown 2019 yes 
the show was on the 8th August 8.30 pm

Oft i write for you a child of migrancy dual cultural legacy where empires rise and fall. No worry hold on trebien this is poem blogg of sorts a write to describe what we did in Boomtown 2019 

i got those and those that feel it know dat Equal rights and justice is a mustice (like ghosts those words weigh me down)

its ok i can take the weight

It is the way the world is things that get massive or what comes from the underground grows it becomes something to be managed 

there must be rules and discipline

I got there in time and waited a bit met Trevor driver Wil on way upp hill was on Flying Lotus stage Whistlers Green

Monster Paris was the band on before made some good noise their First European shows state side  

kinda funky soul based trippy lòops and effects drummer sang played keyboards the bassist had effects making all sort of guitar type sounds akin to Royal Blood at times  

the modem world has changed roles of what instruments do do 

i was straight and focussed as i like to be b4 shows amazingly i usually am 

at times i like to play at thingz 

i don’t really do anything

b4 i play

Not really factuality duplicity of the brain 

creatives who i know play at it if you know what i mean 

sameghei? underecht? 

chemical rushes aside 

waited in the wings the show cant recall the sequence of events it was solo so i just go n do what i feel 

i played some songs as yet unrecorded hipp hopp songettz with me 4th rate mouth percussion effects organically with me mouth over the Mike that amplifies the sound its a way to be contemporary n also for me to figure out what kind of beats and basslines will end upp dressing upp the skeleton of the songz in the future when they are recorded 

I have PROUDLY recorded 16 albums since 2002

I also have vocal “skitts” “hookz” stolen from other musical styles

songs i like which is again another way when playing solo

to hold my attention coz when solo i like to explore all genres & styles

as much as i can 

Its like a organic acid trip 

I like to say 

some have said that about me music 

in fact most music i have made in me life 

i use diff palettes but none i can confidently say

can do the voices/learnt through assimilation and being a part of different cultures & immersing meyelf in their lives and being a part of their lives & maybe as me mother has said (harshly but maybe fairly)  ” imitating parrot” 

And as some one of the British empire and someone who was taught to speak and to aim to speak the Queens English

I feel it is me Given right to speak English as i wish

as a child of migrancy and to make fun and to play with language and words

whats so great about any language apart form the fact we relate to it and it is what we use some dominates as used to devide us some unifies us

But i can make myself understood and that’s all we have to do -like james Baldwin said

& me colloquialisms

to the degrees i can 

when I get me honorary degrees I wil tel dem 

coz then i wil return dem

coz me nah wont dem honorary degrees 

me honoured to be me what we want what i need till then …no repeats…

text forward must go..

what i recall on this sett i sang “No truer words” for the Irish in me 

i sang T.U.M.O.L.T which is a acronym

for “The unofficial mayor of london town”

i did 2 punky popp songs “Boys wil be Boys” & “care in community” 

i did “From two we made One” me eightish minute Londonstaanee Kaawallee Raagaa in it i talk about some of me fave writers and poets like Oscar Wilde Shakespear  Maya Angelou William Blake Rumi Hafiz LKJ Buckowski Joni Mitchell Dylan n Dylan Thomas just a few to mention for now

i ended the sett  with 3 reggae/ska songs”B smart not a slave”from the album babar luck and the philosopherz hi

“The king of London town” from the chronicles of jhon Brute

“One love”- one of me anthems

i call what i do 3 tone coz it was the black n white some say that made two tone Now how about the brown in the mix 3 tone get it? 

Reggae Ska music is universal loved thoughout the world and made throughout the world the world the Diaspora it came from was a place where badly behaved slaves were sent from all part of a British Empire Before those badly behaved slaves were sent to those Islands there were tribes and people living  in those Islands who were wiped out 

Thats why as a idealist/dreamer/future thinker

As i am that way thats why we don’t do no Flagz …colourful Raggs..patriotism…

By all means wave what flag if you wish

its good to be aware that some may disagree with that flag and its history n we know what immeasurable stupidity that can lead to those who lead and those that are lead 

YES 3 tone that’s me style let the whole world sing along shall we have a sing along Reggae music is univershall

Boomtown 2019 yes

in the sett we did have a sing along was good lotts of clapps and applause

I thanked all those from my beating heart 

there were also many moments of humour as i say humour is what makes us human 

so during me Alive setts i like crack a yoke or two hoping again to relieve my self

of any extreme sadness i may feel or the audience may feel 

the tears oft do come at me shows from the tuffest most stoic of humans its something thats me being me reaching you from the heart

they know

they feel

coz me Alive shows wil always be tackling subjects

Popp music is afraid to

it is a emotional thing to be awake being Alive

Being Conscious I was talking about this to 3 fellars the nx day who saw me sett I was saying to be awake is not easy waking upp is not easy letting things effect us is not easy taking the patience and the time to see there are humans effected tragicaly all across the world

simply burying ones head in the sand nah work 

nehee kaam kaartha hai 
no one can survive in a vacuum

no one can exist all alone 

sameghei? Underecht? get we? 

As humanity tend to not get love to avoid it to runn from it & to
Dominate exterminate and violate the path so far of the human civil-lie-zation

Boomtown 2019
On a brighter note
we got to chk Dreadzone and
some wicked soundsystems
we got to hang out the bk with Hifocus records
with the likes of Jam Baxter
Edward Scissortongue
Dirty Dike
nice to to see That crew Hifocus Records
which is a part of British hipp hopp
British hipp hopp has a long lineage
we proud to be have been around and hear
from the days of London Posse Gunshott Jehst mc righteous Akala chester P Bugsy Malone Wretch 32 Benny Banks Lioness Leshurr Nadia rose onwards
those that know me will know i love that genra passionately
and all forms within it from the psychedelic to street
in a way that would describe me
how do i describe me
Frankenstaanee a musical monster created in the west
who believes we can make a better world
for the nx generations
so be aware fellow spaceship drivers
& fellow survivors many galaxies to chk upon

research and look, listen and learn
till nx time


chk our wide variety of downloadable music

& assist with the fuel

to fly the spaceship

pay the crew

feed the family

document the music

download donate chk pass let the world know

til nx time