One and all

Dear  human family all of YOU

whats upp?

we all inclusiv meaning no matter what background and where you from we love you and want our music to make you think bring joy and entertain and ofcourse DANCE.

For those who are new to babar luck  WELCOME, its nice to be nice its good to be good honesty is the best policy.

Truth is something not easy to speak and we are in ways privileged to be able to express ourselves as we do

As you may be aware i do have other links and platforms which are controlled by others and we like to be in control of our platform -We try and do this at all times in our creativ process.

I was in Australia 2013-2017 years and in that time i did visist Europe from time to time. I will be resideing  in London for the forseeable future.

We have never stopped making music we have twelve cds available  on  

WE all change. I have changed  hopefully for the better….that’s for you to judge  and see and hear and i believe complete honesty to those who one values is essential.

As I value the genuine people who genuinely like our music this will help us to become re acquainted or more familiar

We are also always looking to produce teach and assist others on their musical journey for inquiries email

Love music and love life try and enjoy the simple things love to you all.


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