Jan 2020 we are swimming in love for all humanity that is correct- the future

Step correctly and ensure you have all the rules and the rule books take those rules and rules books and leave them in a secluded place – its ok no one will notice and its ok if they do

Been and looking for shows and excited to have some and we want some more and thats the same ol desire we have to entertain YOU!!

But we are not the same ol in the sense we have reconvened a few things rubbed upp some magic lanterns and we are moving forward

the world is and always been a challenge and we in the decadent west have good structures and fridghes and cars and thease things realy mean a great deal to most of us.

and yes the bills and the taxes and the crunching must be done and the being oh so polite to our oppressors did i say oppressors??

well bosses leaders and even those who say they love us –

enjoy all of it make the most of it –

be a part of it –

you are a wonder you are special and you deserve to be loved and respected and sometimes liked- Dont settle for anything less –


and yes you can hear our many different albums on that link and yes you can download a track or two a album or two it does have not have a bar code it wont be advertised and throngs of fake peoples in rock and roll circles and most circles wont have it or get it –

always touched to have some Real ones take care of me thats the incredible Scrim

But those who seek a safe place a warm fire and cooling light and good times may treasure what they find – open eyes and heart and be smart. Dance the gunns to sleep and never stop dreaming let them know we shall dream and we shall love and we shall have good times.

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