last few shows sep oct 2018 and whats next in dec 2018 and 2019?

Dear human family and friends/associates and the other kind

the last few months have been very interesting AND  challenging and also very rewarding …..Shows well there are always shows and many of them.

the ones we bother to write down and invite people via other media are there –

But amongst them there are many shows that i do not putt upp on the nett as a real musician we are always out and about and doing what we can playing music –

to me performance whether at a friends or a open mic or a busk is a show it is a communication it is life itself –

as i say bookings …. …..or reach me in other ways love exploring ways of performance

-i for example am asked often to do a certain style of show –

in  Austrailia i was asked to do private shows where they did not require political or punk or hipphopp they wanted “hipp-hopp ballads love songs folk songs simple pop tunes” one cant please all the people and i do like to please who i can-i have done weddings –

i have done every type of celebration and protest which i cared about and stil do when i can and if approached in a respectful manner i can be very complient

-picture below is of a James Acaster who is a British comedien and he likes some of my songs we did a interview (which may be released one day) in Brisbane done by TJ divers a very dear friend and topp musician a ex british resident

To explain further me…well i  feel me on guitar and different voices dialects which i uniquely do because i dont feel one should be dictated by the Queens English approach -to NOT tie oneself down with a way of talking to NOT fitt the skin and NOT wear clothes -of our everday experience  –

to flow freely speaking in many tongues-is the approach i like = it is to me amazing – i love to imitate to embelish to exaggerate -the thought police the language police the clothes police are always trying to enforce the structure of the dominating powers – i dont follow -i lead-i cant do what others do – like many of my heroes and icons much greater and better then me who did make their path or die trying -the victory is in the trying

strange as well how capitol realy tears apart the whole life subject it becomes enamored in the desire to earn money like we have this website with links but sadly we have to try and support each other the best we can some artistic peoples are so out of touch with reality and there responsibilities -not that the responsibility are not on their minds – the responsibilities are always on their minds and the desire to make family and loved ones happy is paramount to all humans earning money is essential no matter how the musician may appear –

the artistic artform is built on illusion and otherworldy ness  spiritualityness how can that ever be in sync with capitol and the pursuit of the currency

images i find all over the nett like to break into the text with something visual find shotts from many places many i dont recall then i see a face or find the essence of memory

yes so keep checking what we do we have now 5 cds on  some new ones and some older ones there cant realy be a succinct sense of order with what i do coz thats not me the timeline is distorted its not a simple a to b ting samejghei? undericht? how can i explain …

i tried…. just then…..

keep supporting independent musicians and artists buy their music chk their merch chk what they have done without being branded or told without being the same as those peers friends or associates or your “scene” without doing those cliches without being whats accepted from the dominating culture

do we want the same or do we have the courage to make the change i know what i do and what i have done gonna keep trying to make the change in oneself and the structure i live in

strength and love and prayers and good vibes to you all

salaam b


One and all

Dear  human family all of YOU

Salaam Jah and Buddah bless may the godds and angels protect us all and for those who act in good faith and dont have faith whats upp? returns “nice to see you again”

For those who are new to babar luck  WELCOME, its nice to be nice its good to be good honesty is the best policy, finally the website is back thanks to all that helped.. yes it has been a while and it is a blessing and just simply good for me to have me own personal space, we at the team babar luck are looking forward to informing you of all the wonderful musical /artistic things we have happening..

As you may be aware i do have other links and platforms which are controlled by others and we like to be in control of our platform using other platforms to take off and land is time consuming.

I was in Australia  for 4 years and in that time i was away from mainland Europe. We have never stopped playing music nor i hope i ever will – my time in Australia was busy and there was much music done the creativity of that time is captured on

In the last 6 months i have been doing some very wonderful low key d.i.y. shows and we will continue to work on that level as well as a higher level depending on your subjective viewpoint

Edutainment as well entertainment are paramount.

WE all change. I have changed  hopefully for the better….that’s for you to judge  and see and hear and i believe complete honesty to those who one values is essential.

As I value the genuine people who genuinely like our music this will help us to become re acquainted or more familiar

Representing and talking about issues that are not discussed and that are undervalued is in a way I feel, my job. It takes courage and support. We are also always looking to produce teach and assist others on their journey to tackle unfairness and complete cruelty which is apparent in this world

buckle upp and lets get into things as you can see the website is new and expresses all the works I have been doing and wish to continue to do

..there’s a few extra bitts/songs as yet unreleased

…for those who tune into and zone out to Babar Luck


Friday 26th October – George and Dragon 85 Castle Street, Sailsbury, Wiltshire. UK.  SP1 3SP. 21:00

All day event Saturday, 13th October, 323a New Cross Road, London, UK. SE14 6AS – 18:00 sharp !

New LP – Strike while the Knives are Hot CD’s available each night!

Wednesday 3rd October Birdsnest in Deptford London 8.30pm sharp!