East End Trinity

This was the first release for EET in 2009. I approached Andi Bridges (drummer/lyrics/vox) and asked ‘would he and Justin Hettereley (bass guitar/lyrics/vox) be interested in playing loud rock and roll?’ I love acoustic guitar and folk genres but missed composing rock riffs and riddims, shouting and utilising my love of all loud music!

The process turned out to be an extended one as we have continued to perform and record again every two years or so. They are topp teammates and each of the 3 albums/eps recorded are a totally different form from the rest of what Babar Luck does.

Malcom Gaynor produced and tweaked this album as we wanted it to sound polished and twinkly so it also has Gemma Gaynor on violin and Azam Khan on lead guitar with heavy riffs.

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