Doing Much and we have much to do oct/nov 2019

yes been active busy creative – and trying to get much done and getting much done as always – as the new year approaches -below a lovely picture 3 shows in nov coming upp all different all a Joy

we continue to search for shows and get to recording with both of our musical units Below – The Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band – Trippy!!?? we be aiming for something like the first 2 albums we done below is a link to the second album arabesque soul folk sci fi folk

& Our rock/punk noise East End Trinity (pictured below) we have faces and you can see them elsewhere i just like that picture(it was taken at Andi the drummers 40th birthday..) here is the link to our last album called Dry it should have been called “Drei” (3 in german) but for some reason the bassman “wingco” was outvoted bands/diplomacy??? – He was right -anyhow… its called Dry –

we have been also seeing our way to making some new videos thanks to the Nubien Mrs on thats as yet unreleased and raw version of “cold heart”a song that will be for the second musical incarnation The chronicles of Jhon Brute you can heart the first on

We have putt our very first “proper demoes” which got me Gold Medals which was some “fun” demoes that turned out to be very important in me getting to record me future musical experimentations the simplicity of and brillient mixing and mastering by mr. Melchers who was and is a wonderful creative its elecronic organic and tunes i love …….

Also managed to find a album i did with creative Captain Hotknives (me and him pictured above…) who is a versatile musician chk his youtube channelsome of his mainly comedic stuff

He is a great bass player & a topp bloke – In it the album that is we are trying to get into heaven after being stuck in purgatory – a concept album done aroun 2010 -serious & fun- and the tunes you may recognise but not all of them and not played that way!!! Thats -“Hotknives & Luck Knocking on Heavens Door” – archaic rustic spacey melodic and like

we are always

happy to play with and do all things ….

Happy YES

to have the opp to be asked to collabarate on a couple of tunes with Tim Holehouse(pictured above) a musicaneer and damn fine musician- incidently he has a new album out called “Come” chk This was for “Lost”(front cover above) a project that tries to assist peoples who suffer or have suffered from a variety of trauma ………………….

Thats a lovely photo of a “Happy Borg “- black and white has its place – Who is the “Happy Borg”which one????

So if you are lost hang on hold on and reach out – Some consider me a Yogi or a wise man – Love making music love to entertain and edutain – A key to contentment i feel is always want the best for all humanity(never easy) as wishing and loving those close and far is what makes us strong – Talawa – starken – forgive and be forgiven – we are all works in progress – happy days to you all – salaam and peace –

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