Please get in contact by email : Book our electric rock band ‘East End Trinty’, ‘The Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band’ or solo..

I am happy to teach basic and intermediate guitar/bass, songwriting, composing or strategies to lift our practice routines.

I do and will answer to private messages ; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Please chk a review from the prestigeous Froots magazine.

the second one is a combination of press from the past

Here is also a infamous interview from the Independant paper

Here is another interview by Chris Jarvis 2015 – age and words have relevance or do they there is a thread – we all are streams that go to the river -the River is life – b who u r.

Chris Jarvis

“Babar Luck is something of a legend. For more than twenty years, he has been a staple feature of the UK punk scene, blending and smashing genres along the way”