Please get in contact by email : for shows and concerts for our electric rock band Eastendtrinty or our thebabarluckworldcitizenfolkband or solo

I am happy to teach basic and intermediate guitar/bass, songwriting, composing or strategies to lift our practice routines

Lessons can happen via vidd link platforms- I am also willing to travel in london uk to you if thats possible.

I do and will answer to private messages plus there are all those social places; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

PRESS – I have done interviews casually and for local causes and my wider circles – Me happy to be interviewed by larger/national organisations for a fee as the press tend to say/edit what they wish to say after the interviews.  Thats ok if there is a fee. That to me is a compromise.

Please chk a review from the prestigeous Froots magazine

the second one is a combination of press from the past

Here is also a infamous interview from the Independant paper