One and all

Dear  human family all of YOU

Salaam Jah and Buddah bless may the godds and angels protect us all and for those who only act in good faith and dont have faith….

whats upp? returns “nice to see you again”

For those who are new to babar luck  WELCOME, its nice to be nice its good to be good honesty is the best policy. It is not always a possibilty in this dark world we live in.

yes it has been a while and it is a blessing and just simply good for me to have me own personal space, we at the team babar luck are looking forward to informing you of all the wonderful musical /artistic things we have happening..

As you may be aware i do have other links and platforms which are controlled by others and we like to be in control of our platform using other platforms to take off and land is time consuming.

I was in Australia  for 4 years and in that time i was away from mainland Europe. We have never stopped making music we have 8 cds available  on  

In the last 6 months i have been doing some very wonderful low key d.i.y. shows and we will continue to work on that level.

Happy to work on a more corporate “higher level” depending on your subjective viewpoint depending on how much money is offered.

Edutainment as well entertainment are paramount.

WE all change. I have changed  hopefully for the better….that’s for you to judge  and see and hear and i believe complete honesty to those who one values is essential.

As I value the genuine people who genuinely like our music this will help us to become re acquainted or more familiar

Representing and talking about issues that are not discussed and that are undervalued is in a way I feel, my job. It takes courage and support.

We are also always looking to produce teach and assist others on their musical journey.

Also happy to tackle unfairness and complete cruelty which is apparent in this world we need solace we need peace. Creativ peoples who help others me happy to be approached.

Buckle upp and lets get into things..

..there’s a few extra bitts/songs as yet unreleased

…for those who tune into and zone out to Babar Luck