July 2019 shows

yes playing this one the fri 19th june some of me dearest crew i be on at some point of fri evening it is a wicked wknd so get there and have fun

20th june we are playing salisbury Market Inn 16 butcher row sp1 1Ep saisbury

21st june we are playin Cowley club Brighton 12 london road BN1 4JA

June 2019

on Sunday june the 2nd i be hanging around playing some tunes so i made this poster for those who chk this website with a superborgs assistance to let u know i be about this wonderful garden and space big respect to those make thease enviroments work defo b music food ideas kool vibes workshops etc

Thursday 6th June -we are with our dear ” cuzzbro” jason james +some topp acts we have also collabaratad on some music called kinspirit & that wil be out soon friendly vibes some heavy thoughts naturally passion ofcourse …thanks to Archie for organising


FRI june the 21st we play unearthed festival Pembrokeshire wales with our sci fi folk band please chk the above link

August 2019

1st -4th we play thursday 1st august in @almost acoustic stage 8pm are playing the wonderful Rebellion Festival 2019 Good to be back there. Thankss to Daz and crew – been a while —–thanks also to Atilla Stockbroker a trueblood and Billy Liar a youngblood for encouraging me to play there- Be a good time to catch upp make some new friends and see the newer ones.

THIS WILL BE A BANGER (GREAT)INDEED A opp to see do our full band soundz thanks to paul n ben at new x for sorting

Thursday 8th August we play Lotus stage 8.30 BOOMTOWN 2019 as it stands times may change – The festivel is from 7th-11th chk link for the whole d tails h

Fri 23rd August The Chelsea Inn Bristol (UK) 60-62 Chelsea Rd, BS5 6AU The Chelsea Inn either solo or with one of me units (soon find out) like i say i spend me life herding catts- actually very blessed that catts want to play with me and thats something thats a truly a blessing to have musicians who wish to work with someone as challenging as i – bless those musicians love those catts.

April 2019

4th -7th tour with Tim Holehouse & Paul Stapleton (POG)have come in so chk – Chk also the bandcamp links under the names ..ha ha …yes be curious. Top notch.

13th April Brighton Cowley book club headlining and good to play there been a while

19th April Nottingham

i support The invisible Orchestra at Metronome -i have inserted meself in the background of the picture… using computer wizardery.

27th April Bristol The golden lion with support spoken word from Clayton blizzard

April the 27th 2019

feb 2019


on 17th sun feb we are playing 5pm a special birthday party celebration for Panama Dave he is 66 years old on this yearth if you private message me i can give u dtails…thats if you r on facebook or twitter i facebook i tweet i intagram seek and find me

22nd of february The birds nest pub se8 4rz londonstaan soth east for our dear friends Photgraphy – Ben Graville Blake lewis Sabela Peindo Casola Eleni Parousi and the karen Barnes/thearmed909 music from Little dark one Joe wilkes Rebel Pebbles and me …the wonderful artspace thats the undercurrents gallery we are playing a solo (ish) sett with

last few shows sep oct 2018 and whats next in dec 2018 and 2019?

Dear human family and friends/associates and the other kind

the last few months have been very interesting AND  challenging and also very rewarding …..Shows well there are always shows and many of them …

we are always out and about and doing what we can playing music –

bookings ….  babarluck@gmail.com …..or reach me in other ways love exploring ways of performance

-i for example am asked often to do a certain style of show –

Sometimes i am  asked to do private shows where they do not require political or punk or hipphopp they want”hipp-hopp ballads love songs folk songs simple pop tunes” one cant please all the people and i do like to please who i can-

i have done every type of celebration and protest which i cared about and stil do when i can and if approached in a respectful manner i can be very complient

-picture below is of a James Acaster who is a British comedien and he likes some of my songs we did a interview (which may be released one day) in Brisbane done by TJ divers a very dear friend and topp musician a ex british resident www.twitter.com/tjdivers

to flow freely speaking in many tongues-is the approach i like =

It is to me amazing -The power of music.

I love to imitate to embelish to exaggerate –

The thought police the language police the clothes police are always trying to enforce the structure of the dominating powers – i dont follow -i lead-the ruling elite exists in all societies are job as the resthless many is to and in a way to paraphrase one of my heroes James Baldwin

” to show to teach with love to the ruling elite in all soceities what is shame grace honour compassion guilt empathy forgiveness”

i cant do what others do – like many of my heroes and icons much greater and better then me who did make their path or die trying -the victory is in the trying

The desire to make family and loved ones happy/content  is paramount to all humans. Money is essential in this.

No matter how care free the musician may appear talk or act like in the camera eye or the fakeface world or on the selfie. Behind closed doors they are very vunerable people.

Artform is built on illusion and otherworldy ness  spiritualityness

How can that ever be in sync with capitol and the pursuit of the currency we have to try and juggle/find balance in those roles. That is the job of us all.

yes so keep checking what we do we have now 11 cds on babarluck.bandcamp.com  some new ones and some older ones.

There cant realy be a succinct sense of order chronology??!! With mr.luck.

Timeline is distorted its not a simple a to b ting samejghei? undericht? how can i explain …

i tried…. just then…..READ AGAIN!!

Do we want the same or do we have the courage to make the change?

I know what i do and what i have done.

strength and love and prayers and good vibes to you all

salaam b