Recorded in 2012 with Andrew Scrimshaw on Bass and Jessica Cahill on the Hurdy Gurdy/melodica /vox. To utilise the Hurdy Gurdy a instrument i have always loved which is a “drone” and that miss.Cahill is a wonderful exponent of that instrument. It also featured Liam Okane (vox guitar) & Jody Betts (vox/keyboards guitar)

Journeys was produced by Malcom Gaynor and was recoded at Orange and Blue studios Catford South London UK.

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The Chronicles of John Brute – 2012

John Brute is a fictional fantasy character based on many words of my “aunties”and “uncles” and their lives (not blood related). Like many writers I note down conversations and use my imagination as well. Some of the ideas and dialogue used I would never be able to express as me self . It IS not Babar Luck. It IS John Brute.

I have vast amount of material for John Brute and will be recording the next Chronicle of that complex character . David Bowie had Ziggy Stardust, I have John Brute! It is a blessing to have other people trust me to write songs with their words.

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The Babar Luck Experience recorded this funky/ eclectic album in 2010. It introduces mr. Tom Murrow, one of the best drummers in South London. Also mr. Fabrizio Zidarich who played 6 string electric “contra bass” .

It was called Voices because I do feel i am many characters and love the voices inside of me as we all can be. In a way I was trying to explain me self. We recorded at Unit 2 Studios, North Acton with Aide Hardy. Working this unit/band as with all musicians i try to utilise all the individual musicians strengths.

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The Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band

This 2008 album was a collaboration with husband and wife team of Malcom (djimba/cahounvocals) and Gemma Gaynor (violin /viola/vocals) They and i worked hard on making a record with a world folk market in mind as well as zipping songs that are what i consider “sci-fi folk sound” It’s their sweet harmonies and joyous playing contribute to a collective empathy, a sound that flows through to this present day.

Andrew Scrimshaw played bass on six songs, a dear friend and master Luthier to the stars! It was all recorded by Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester UK and on analogue tape which sounds more real human then digital as we all know.

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East End Trinity

This was the first release for EET in 2009. I approached Andi Bridges (drummer/lyrics/vox) and asked ‘would he and Justin Hettereley (bass guitar/lyrics/vox) be interested in playing loud rock and roll?’ I love acoustic guitar and folk genres but missed composing rock riffs and riddims, shouting and utilising my love of all loud music!

The process turned out to be an extended one as we have continued to perform and record again every two years or so. They are topp teammates and each of the 3 albums/eps recorded are a totally different form from the rest of what Babar Luck does.

Malcom Gaynor produced and tweaked this album as we wanted it to sound polished and twinkly so it also has Gemma Gaynor on violin and Azam Khan on lead guitar with heavy riffs.

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Knocking on Heavens Door

Babar Luck and Captain Hotknives first album together is a ‘concept album’ from 2011. Me and my friend are stuck in purgatory yet trying to get into heaven. We are singing God songs to get us in ??!!

I have now done two cd’s with dear friend Captain Hotknives who plays bass guitar and sings. He is also famous for his comedic songwriting and performances, chk him out, support his humour.

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Care In The Community

This was a opp to make a record with a large production team and other musicians -Meaning there was a budget!

It has all the things one would expect from a polished sounding record that’s objective it to reach a popp market. Lu Edmonds, Mark Roberts, Ben Mandelson helped to complete this in 2006. It was recorded/produced at unit 2 studios north Acton London by Aide Hardy (he played bass)

I had to do the artwork with Mr. Chapman standing over the shoulder of the artist. Those around me at the time who wanted the fame, pop and WORK, felt it was ill advised to to have religious symbols on the front cover – the point for me was to unify as it always is. That’s idealism not fascism. To stand by in a privileged place (western decadent culture) and not make a effort or to be afraid, which is what most in the world does.

We don’t do that. That is my point.

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Luck Falk

This was the second bunch of my songs recorded.
Again it was and is a joy to listen to and if one follows a thread- it is golden! The songs are amazing and we wanted to do this, a duet album, meaning two voices so it is Luck and Falk ..

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