Babar Luck Rebellion festival 2019 +thoughts ideas +from the heart

sequences and the names maybe wrong or mistaken the ideas expressed are from a place of love regardless they come across as too strong – we got to get along – live long and prosper- or be with those who like and respect YOU – we try and do both

So early was the start of the Rebellion 2019 a alternative punk music festival taking place in Blackpool

“The vegaz of the North”
for a punk like we
we tek the coach you see
when i was young ….

Punk meant someone who is “used” in prison
took me long time to accept that
i suppose thats why we said bk in the way
“Not your punk”
As Eastwood looks on
They got Gunn habbits bare long
how can anything grow pure when the roots R bloodied for so long –
we got coach we got along)

Birmingham was first then Blackpool came along

As i journeyed to sing me songz
mett a chapp called Jamie outside the winter gardens
he decided to opt out of society and live in a caravan

a long time eco warrior resistor mother earth carer
Dont blame the man

met a women called Amanada

she was bilingual(spanish-english)

She had a nine year old daughter talked about raiseing
the children and letting them be children
Yet too much control when young can be detrimental

_as too much freedom
we three agreed modem system stifeling _as too much freedom
we three agreed modem system stifeling

complicit in unfairness
Got me wristband (the key)

and mett fellow citizenz
Mett Huggy a wonderful gentleman
A bitt of legend
Runns Almost Acoustic stage in Rebellion
Saw Millie Manders play the same stage as i

she smashed her sett
we talked the nx day briefly

and she gave me much respect
i said she had to continue to be what she was
And grow to to be great and consistent
this comes  with much discipline & persistance

when it was time to do me show
i was ready to play accordingly to the audience
appropraite for that audience
I cant recall the sett or the sequence i didd do
i did what i could to entertain them
like i will do what i do to entertain you
the chords the words the song
to reach those with the message of how and why we can get along
it kinda getts hectic at times there is too much emotion
too much passion
i close me eyes and its not a act
its a way at a time to keep focussed on where i am at
Professional and percise is what i try to be

when i sing those for you and for me
I am grateful the reaction was good
the clapping was loud i thanked all those that were appreciative
from my beating heart
then i went out to chill
saw the Pog who R from Brighton to do their works

(we talked about rascism and sexism n how little thats changed in the “alternativ” construct how far we are from being human as we do with drivers who are not hi & are responsible adults with twinkles in their eyes)
Pog sing songs and have melodious songs at their heart with cutting lyricks
we did some shows in the end of spring
With Tim Holehouse whos music you should be getting
Totally diff from me but in a way the same

as we Musicaneers out on the creative seas
Just a word incase i forget
why i was inspired to be at that festival Rebellion 2019 it was the likes Billy Liar creativ enlightened honest in art
And the likes of was Atilla the stockbroker a inspirational poet creativ and he knows His-story gently encourageing me
Both amazing in their own way
suggestions to be getting into your musical art Poetry library
saw mr.sorrow (newly a dad) sat with RDF and the TV smith

A poet called Sean Maguire with his new poem book out of the bag
i was there at the late bar then bumped
into G a man Griffstock related
who i was trying to trak down
we mett his friends and had a good chatt
i stumbled about he knew i whould need somewhere to crash
i was kindly layed out on his floor with a buzz strong
before the lights were out i was gone
In them rnorning  we talked about family etc and he reveaeld to me that his daughter was with child
and thats why Gs wife was not there at this years Rebellion 2019
they did have a chat and were in contk

(as parents r on thease occasions)

a tangent –
Whilst using the lav that morning
i spied behind a sink
a dolly used by babies
never in my life in a lav i have spotted a dolly for babies behind a sink
i jumped out of Lav
told G thats s sighn
there is going to be a baby you gonna be a Grandfather G
after the event i found out it did occurr Grandfather G
what a good bitt of news
On that morning i bimbled about sat aroun on the floor there was much calmness flowing throo

i saw the spirit of 76 0r 77 its remnenets

and wondered what a wonder humanity is we cling to happiness in all its forms any bit we can
Regardless of its contradictions
Beer Poetry and football
was what Attila mentioned and not neccassarily in that order i may add
its a joke in a way
as a bar was having a Benefitt for homeless peoples and they had approached so we did a few tunes in the arvo
we mett some lovely folk there
i did a sett that was more contempory meaning more simply more
then what i did the day before at Rebellion 2019

i was well oiled on the “HW” by then
i thanked all that were about

& made me way to the coach bk to London

which left 10pm on the friday nite

& was directly returning to London
to arive 6am
plus + i had a london show with me rock band East End Trinity &
thebabarluckworldcitizenfolkband sci fi folk
i was touched that the musicians were all willing to do sat 3rd August

at new x inn london dephtford uk 2019
A rare spectacular as we say it had been arranged for a while and we had two support acts
Both solo acoustic for that Mark Noble & Tim Holehouse
It was a lovely evening & we had good vibes
As always so grateful to have loved ones attend and look after us in all the ways
yes as i say many changes have occurred in make upp of the band/s and the units
East End Trinity
our rock unit has stayed the same ten years
we have done 3 cds with East End Trinity and about to do our 4th the nutts and bolts are there
The world citizen folk band the line upp is is diff from the last 2 musical outpourings
which is inevitable in life Great Respect to all past musicians for their amazing efforts and hard work and the changes one has to face

as expressed me always happy to do what we have done over the last decade in our musical incarnations
if a venue or promoter or agent or corporation wishes to hear

and its financialy viable for them and us then why not?
I wish for greater and better communication

but we are all so busy and caught upp in catching upp

some simply holding on
i putt me hands upp i am not the best at communication
Amazing one whould think

a life that intails herding catts

and what has been achieved
thats why me always talking about
it is not the best advertised promoted outlett for downloads etc
As i say there are many downloadable nett platformz & bigger platforms

who have floundered at being pragmatic

& logical

& bussiness like
Those other nett downloads that u may see Babar Luck music
on the money does not get to me –

i am told by bussiness heads and managers and publicists that there are ways to collect that cash

I at the moment dont have the ways and the means

we are hoping to get those ways and means

till we do please be aware

as we stand in this time and place is the place to go

if you wish to assist with our life and musical endevours and our future creativity and heart art
we have much out there
but those that wish to help

Thankfully music keeps coming the juices are flowing

we are coming with joy and substance there are battles to fight and we look forward

& the humans that play with us realy do make that happen
All i can do is try and make sure there is a outlett

for what we do musicaly

& push forward the best we can
As Junior Enyioko one of me musical uncles were chatting

it is all a fragment in time
like our teachers tried to teach us

the beat of the drum like the heartbeat is Resistance
the beat of the heart is resistance

———————–the next write soon come

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