Babar Luck look back on 2019 and what 2020 will offer a sort of a prayeh sonoo bhaio bhano damen und herren bredren sisteren human?

Flowers that open and time taunts

our lives

as we hold bk tears and push ahead with life it self

Seasonal changes calenders and what are they?

Is there a desire to break the construct?….woah!!

Its fasionable to extend our thoughts to those who are less fortunate in certain times of the year? Is that common throo out the spheres? It seems so ..or do i want to provoke YOU to catch your attention now where was i?

the scents the smells the sights and sounds as we smile at the children and what better reason then to have that happen those ritual times of seasonal joy ..this extends to all parts of our globe in different times …

whilst this constant flux that commotion this towing and throwing of power -Did something happen?

Did we loose sight of our senses did we lock down our spirits the passion was and IS important

who whould deny a good argument good discussion but who knows whats going to happen ..

what is the differance the company we keep and try to complete and emulate desire to belong to? There is a point and its somewhere in us all

..thats why i do what i do for example..and its very confuseing for most who hear and read and write with me and stay with me and love me and want to be vice versa poetic to a fault this scent lingers in me hold the hands and dont let go embraces that make the angels blush who are we foren bodies inside other foren bodies..

the babar luck world citizen folk band dec 21st 2019 XMAS SPECIAL THe Birds Nest Pub se8 4rz London venue food place soulful place a place to loose yourself and find yourself

and time makes us flirts with the geography

why are we what we are and why cant we

..No dont..can? yes?

we us everybody yes hold that thought..

People have a habbit of getting very emotional about everything and it seems we all come at things from a selfish viewpoints and the sellfishness is dominating all no matter what or how its done and advice is commen but whats the point and where does that come from and whats the point realy as we load upp in any way we can and face the machine that dominates all freedoms and its not very easy to let those close to us know that they are so wrong as we see it and some times this no has to be a physical and there is a right way and wrong way especialy as this is going to effect us u and me

stop pause think -dont –

Thats the bk of Jason James topp songwriter and Kin with his bassman Terry?? and i was screaming something at something somewhere

as you be aware words ideas that are not in sync with the rock star machine or humanity machine will be put to the side mocked ridiculed attacked and villified and what wil be used is those close and far from us that have the most effect on us – there are many who write better then me about this what i am trying to get to -one of the new ones and he aint new -was passed to me recently Chris Hedghes – and there are many before and dare i say after that wil try and make sense – so please Stop pause think -dont –

me i got a space ship and its captained by me and we had some very good life confirming moments meaning shows/meetings/opportunenities and we flew about musicaly as thats what we do and make some new tunes which we always are and writeing coz we iz a writer please chk listhen download the only way you can help me via paypal

Thats the beat of a heart its resistance – meaning the drum is the beat of a heart since time – thats resistance as our elders tried to teach us -the beat of the heart is the drum and its resistance –

I am told to do this or that and to upp this and that- if we are honest and we have integrity the houses and the machines musicians writers artists we use will be sought after – Trust me- take me hand and dont let go-

If we take a stand and stop pause and dont – As we see it in so many things from the music to our children to our cosmos be make a better world universe – this website is one of me anchors and one of the ports i use – options to help me? Not many BUT download me music via paypal using this option

whilst i read what i have written in plain englush please be good to yourself stop pause and dont – Till we catch each other again

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