The unofficial mayor of all towns & cities & Provinces & A kinspirit & The Invisible orchestra Jan 2020

What makes one see and not see the light ?- da Riddim and pursuit of happiness exalted with Grace – How things begin and end and then reconvene it is a natural thing it is how its meant to be

The reconvening and why its more then JUST music

We about turn and then its there those songs once learnt by me and mr.james have taken another life another force another layer which makes those songs even more important to us – with all the trials in our lives and the goodness in them now –

who whould think and it aint even over – Why? Coz music is the remedy and thats also why we have less blood on our hands – make of that what you will – Possibly i am like a women friend told me once “you see blood like a women sees blood” – i did not know what that meant i still dont – but maybe i am getting a clearer picture …

MR Jody betts and i think how wonderful it is to know that man from a mr. O kane to the NOW plays keyboards in the invisisble orchestra

That chapp above mr. Betts knew this other chapp that other chapp was and is another man now but the same man in a way – anyway bk in the way thease young men had a band and in that band was Jody

Jody and i got on and Mr. O kane said “keep that feller close hes a good musician ” and his partner said in that way women do “hes good at many things ” anyway i lost him and then another chapp who knows of me and hes from The invisible orchestra said come and do a track with our band which meant i found him again in a sense –

Thats james waring and i suppose in a way hes one of the main chapps as a main chapp i know what that entails work and work and work and a lasoo to herd catts ointments compliments

So the “Leader”(in a way) James Waring how he found me through messaging and sending the track and then asking and getting me the dates and then so forth and so on fro a long while -its like i tell peoples -peoples ask me every other day “lets collab” but what that means and what that entails is them persueing me and persuading me and actualy doing the work instead of a vague sentence on the internet or a pm message – And who do i think i am?? – the fact is i know who i am – most DONT have a clue –

behind the camera eye this was recorded for prosperity me day with the Invisible orchestra

Also i am not a people pleaser most of the time or a nice man so that can also mean delay in getting that objective done – Its nice to be nice and its good to be good – I am not nice or good – people like to argue with me about this and thats funny – ha ha ha ha ha ha- its not and it is – Also i am not very good at collabbing or clubbing depending on what type of clubbing one means – some whould differ ok i have me good days and bad days – meaning i aint the most consistent of chapps – also i am very consistent of chapps – thats why i am the unofficial mayor of towns cities and provinces – you can figure that out yourself – you have studied and learnt and have been valued in your decadent western culture like me – most on this earth are not – Count thy blessing – Enjoy simple things – Be grateful for what you got –

Thats the invisible orchestra from Nottingham i like me photos and there are clearer photos of them – then the one i have their

The process of making music with one or two others in that cliched Rock and Roll way is very different to having a bigger unit and trying to make that work – so the proverbial hatt of to all the members of the Invisible orchestra – Also a bigg upp and thanks to all of me present musicians and the past musicians i have had the pleasure or misfortune to have worked with – to hear the invisible orchestra download their music

On even a brighter note look what i do for you?? – actual lyricks of the track i did the other day called “They Dont Live That Lifestyle” but infact the words are not what i sang i sang a few of those words but not too many – but it was like most who flow a road mapp to help me get to the point and yes i do often stick to the paradime of the construct but do on the occasion go off on a tangent – Now a great deal of you dont realy know or are aware i have done 17 albums over 18 years – they vary a great deal in genras and well as ideas – its what i do – there have been great artists before me who have been ecalectic i am just one of those

Although definetly better looking then those before me dare i say more sensual i whould like to think- AND thinking is so important- again i am making humour and enjoying me self in this mortal coil we are stuck in – please dont take yourself too seriously this life is just a blink a moment and soon its gone- just like this SLOG – please chk pass to others – let them know Babar Luck is looking for shows concerts and collabs and teaching opportuneities Talking opportuneities – as well as wonderful compliments and a good meal –

The intent is everything a picture of some one who taught me the value of being valued always loved and respected – still learning

Jan 2020 we are swimming in love for all humanity that is correct- the future

Step correctly and ensure you have all the rules and the rule books take those rules and rules books and leave them in a secluded place – its ok no one will notice and its ok if they do

Been and looking for shows and excited to have some and we want some more and thats the same ol desire we have to entertain YOU!!

But we are not the same ol in the sense we have reconvened a few things rubbed upp some magic lanterns and we are moving forward

the world is and always been a challenge and we in the decadent west have good structures and fridghes and cars and thease things realy mean a great deal to most of us.

and yes the bills and the taxes and the crunching must be done and the being oh so polite to our oppressors did i say oppressors??

well bosses leaders and even those who say they love us –

enjoy all of it make the most of it –

be a part of it –

you are a wonder you are special and you deserve to be loved and respected and sometimes liked- Dont settle for anything less –

and yes you can hear our many different albums on that link and yes you can download a track or two a album or two it does have not have a bar code it wont be advertised and throngs of fake peoples in rock and roll circles and most circles wont have it or get it –

always touched to have some Real ones take care of me thats the incredible Scrim

But those who seek a safe place a warm fire and cooling light and good times may treasure what they find – open eyes and heart and be smart. Dance the gunns to sleep and never stop dreaming let them know we shall dream and we shall love and we shall have good times.

Babar Luck look back on 2019 and what 2020 will offer a sort of a prayeh sonoo bhaio bhano damen und herren bredren sisteren human?

Flowers that open and time taunts

our lives

as we hold bk tears and push ahead with life it self

Seasonal changes calenders and what are they?

Is there a desire to break the construct?….woah!!

Its fasionable to extend our thoughts to those who are less fortunate in certain times of the year? Is that common throo out the spheres? It seems so ..or do i want to provoke YOU to catch your attention now where was i?

the scents the smells the sights and sounds as we smile at the children and what better reason then to have that happen those ritual times of seasonal joy ..this extends to all parts of our globe in different times …

whilst this constant flux that commotion this towing and throwing of power -Did something happen?

Did we loose sight of our senses did we lock down our spirits the passion was and IS important

who whould deny a good argument good discussion but who knows whats going to happen ..

what is the differance the company we keep and try to complete and emulate desire to belong to? There is a point and its somewhere in us all

..thats why i do what i do for example..and its very confuseing for most who hear and read and write with me and stay with me and love me and want to be vice versa poetic to a fault this scent lingers in me hold the hands and dont let go embraces that make the angels blush who are we foren bodies inside other foren bodies..

the babar luck world citizen folk band dec 21st 2019 XMAS SPECIAL THe Birds Nest Pub se8 4rz London venue food place soulful place a place to loose yourself and find yourself

and time makes us flirts with the geography

why are we what we are and why cant we

..No dont..can? yes?

we us everybody yes hold that thought..

People have a habbit of getting very emotional about everything and it seems we all come at things from a selfish viewpoints and the sellfishness is dominating all no matter what or how its done and advice is commen but whats the point and where does that come from and whats the point realy as we load upp in any way we can and face the machine that dominates all freedoms and its not very easy to let those close to us know that they are so wrong as we see it and some times this no has to be a physical and there is a right way and wrong way especialy as this is going to effect us u and me

stop pause think -dont –

Thats the bk of Jason James topp songwriter and Kin with his bassman Terry?? and i was screaming something at something somewhere

as you be aware words ideas that are not in sync with the rock star machine or humanity machine will be put to the side mocked ridiculed attacked and villified and what wil be used is those close and far from us that have the most effect on us – there are many who write better then me about this what i am trying to get to -one of the new ones and he aint new -was passed to me recently Chris Hedghes – and there are many before and dare i say after that wil try and make sense – so please Stop pause think -dont –

me i got a space ship and its captained by me and we had some very good life confirming moments meaning shows/meetings/opportunenities and we flew about musicaly as thats what we do and make some new tunes which we always are and writeing coz we iz a writer please chk listhen download the only way you can help me via paypal

Thats the beat of a heart its resistance – meaning the drum is the beat of a heart since time – thats resistance as our elders tried to teach us -the beat of the heart is the drum and its resistance –

I am told to do this or that and to upp this and that- if we are honest and we have integrity the houses and the machines musicians writers artists we use will be sought after – Trust me- take me hand and dont let go-

If we take a stand and stop pause and dont – As we see it in so many things from the music to our children to our cosmos be make a better world universe – this website is one of me anchors and one of the ports i use – options to help me? Not many BUT download me music via paypal using this option

whilst i read what i have written in plain englush please be good to yourself stop pause and dont – Till we catch each other again

What gwaa on?Khai haal hai?allright? undericht? 2020 Lovely future to YOU!!

Dear humans i know lott goes on and whats a man like me saying this or that?

Well as i am a Yogi i am told. Of sorts jokingly in me world people even have called me a Messiah or a Prophet. I am not that. Not me in any form. What form shall we take then – love is the key. Forgiveness and acceptance and as i say one can forget the bad things of the past whilst the future comes. Be open to positive outcomes.

The last 3 shows were lovely and life confirming thanks to Attila for the show at Duke of Wellington Shoreham by sea & Karl Phillips and Doozer Mcdooze who i played with for the first time. Attila the Stockbrocker is a Topp poet and writer and a believer in many good things. Special mention to Arthur who attended he is a Real One.

Also thanks to the George and Dragon Salisbury Nick Lamb for also allowing me to sing very dark an melodic & extreme new stuff (The second part of The chronicles of Jhon Brute) The first part is on me bandcamp platform- chk-

Incidently respect is a action not a word Nick has learnt that and continues to try to show himself and others around him thats how leaders are made. Those that know me will know that.

As regards to shows Bigg upp!! to Chris Fishlock and Random Hand for sorting the Bristol Exchange show it was a Matinee and a evening show – splendid it was. we Play there again march 28th 2020 solo or otherwise watch me spaceship.

me and mr.Fishlock at Bristol smileing after a smashing night with Random Hand one of me Cuzz bands coz i am who i am so call dem that- they can call me what they want. Friend uncle bro cuzz even…ha ha …hee..hee idiot fool crazy genuis etc etc

Holding on to things to get at and to justify their selves or ourselves what does that achieve?? I am hurting if you are hurting. I have caused hurt like when i drew blood on me foes and loved ones many occasions in me past does that surprise you? I hope it does not. Or are you afraid now. Dont be its ok. we be ok you be ok. Honesty… hold me hand and dont let go….Mr.james thank you

I dont want you to be afraid of justice and equality and honesty.

The rock and roll circus media charade it is a Bussiness(capitalism money is bussiness) and the craveing for the fame and spotlight is a sickness.

History is sick.

The future is sick and i am sexy like slick Rick (ol skool referance stupid one at that) -Most in that line of work are sick. So sick a bit like me?? Joking or am i??

The Nubien mrs wanted to make a political statement coz i am considered serious and political in some circles – to oppose that- to be free as a artist creativ-And i was told sex sells- Are we all a commodity- nice leggs??

Hold on, the cries of the innocent children are stil ringing me years-

Sadly i am just a musician..???

what can i do? As the bullies with their greedy minds and selfish ways try and take me cake. I have already freely given them slices and been generous. I have no more cake left to give . Now well i need a slice for me self. I want cake.

In a way thats why i am talking so you know our music is not a brand or a commercial exercise -did that chap turn the other cheek and he could have swung bang bang knocked the authoratarien Geezer out – Did he? Did she? maybe it was a she. From my experience the she is even more powerful then the he. Thats ok with me.

Please assist me and others who are not into the Rock and Roll circus and the false ideals and debased behavior (which is fun!!) Not the lying tho and the truly horrific egos that are dominent since time. Is that me??? ha ha – dont forget to laugh and keep smileing –

Be each others light in the dark acceptance Trust teamwork silence and belief n stupid jokes…

So the point being we are trying to get money to buy ingredients to make lotts of variety of cake lotts of flavours download chk investigate listhen

Otherwise come to shows (if you can) pass follow and shout to anyone who can help with shows and festivals – Book Babar luck and his amazing bands.

or simply clapping loudly at the end of the song…….Babar luck Babar luck Babar Luck

Most importantly love thyself and love those around you

Honesty is all we have –

And thats the truth- Til nx time peace B


Recorded in 2012 with Andrew Scrimshaw on Bass and Jessica Cahill on the Hurdy Gurdy/melodica /vox. To utilise the Hurdy Gurdy a instrument i have always loved which is a “drone” and that miss.Cahill is a wonderful exponent of that instrument. It also featured Liam Okane (vox guitar) & Jody Betts (vox/keyboards guitar)

Journeys was produced by Malcom Gaynor and was recoded at Orange and Blue studios Catford South London UK.

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The Chronicles of John Brute – 2012

John Brute is a fictional fantasy character based on many words of my “aunties”and “uncles” and their lives (not blood related). Like many writers I note down conversations and use my imagination as well. Some of the ideas and dialogue used I would never be able to express as me self . It IS not Babar Luck. It IS John Brute.

I have vast amount of material for John Brute and will be recording the next Chronicle of that complex character . David Bowie had Ziggy Stardust, I have John Brute! It is a blessing to have other people trust me to write songs with their words.

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The Babar Luck Experience recorded this funky/ eclectic album in 2010. It introduces mr. Tom Murrow, one of the best drummers in South London. Also mr. Fabrizio Zidarich who played 6 string electric “contra bass” .

It was called Voices because I do feel i am many characters and love the voices inside of me as we all can be. In a way I was trying to explain me self. We recorded at Unit 2 Studios, North Acton with Aide Hardy. Working this unit/band as with all musicians i try to utilise all the individual musicians strengths.

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The Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band

This 2008 album was a collaboration with husband and wife team of Malcom (djimba/cahounvocals) and Gemma Gaynor (violin /viola/vocals) They and i worked hard on making a record with a world folk market in mind as well as zipping songs that are what i consider “sci-fi folk sound” It’s their sweet harmonies and joyous playing contribute to a collective empathy, a sound that flows through to this present day.

Andrew Scrimshaw played bass on six songs, a dear friend and master Luthier to the stars! It was all recorded by Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester UK and on analogue tape which sounds more real human then digital as we all know.

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East End Trinity

This was the first release for EET in 2009. I approached Andi Bridges (drummer/lyrics/vox) and asked ‘would he and Justin Hettereley (bass guitar/lyrics/vox) be interested in playing loud rock and roll?’ I love acoustic guitar and folk genres but missed composing rock riffs and riddims, shouting and utilising my love of all loud music!

The process turned out to be an extended one as we have continued to perform and record again every two years or so. They are topp teammates and each of the 3 albums/eps recorded are a totally different form from the rest of what Babar Luck does.

Malcom Gaynor produced and tweaked this album as we wanted it to sound polished and twinkly so it also has Gemma Gaynor on violin and Azam Khan on lead guitar with heavy riffs.

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Knocking on Heavens Door

Babar Luck and Captain Hotknives first album together is a ‘concept album’ from 2011. Me and my friend are stuck in purgatory yet trying to get into heaven. We are singing God songs to get us in ??!!

I have now done two cd’s with dear friend Captain Hotknives who plays bass guitar and sings. He is also famous for his comedic songwriting and performances, chk him out, support his humour.

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