About Babar Luck

Babar Luck is an enigma.

A multicultural mix.

He has been called “Jamaicanstaanee” a “Africanstaanee” a “Irishstaanee”  he sees himself as a world citizen and  a true Londoner or British or simply human.

Babar was born in Pakisthan (Quetta)and came to uk when he was 8 years of age. He was raised by a single mother of devout Muslim faith and educated principles.

He fell in love with all forms of music from teenage years. Growing upp in London, which is a multifaceted multi layered mega city, Babar sees himself totally in sync with that.

Babar was a bassist songwriter/singer in a Loud Electric genre crossing uk based band called King Prawn 1992-2002. With that ecalectic band Babar recorded 4 albums 7 eps and 2 videos and 1 live Dvd.

To further explore the gift of songwriting that has inflicted him from a young age. Babar has released a variety of albums since 2002 – At the moment he has 15 albums downloadable via Bandcamp.

The Babar Luck world citizen folk band -he likes to call Sci-fi Folk – it is dubb trance weird acoustic arabic electric..

Also he has a electric Rock band called East end trinity, they have released 3 albums about to finish their 4th they are loud electric Rock/Punk/Prog.

Those musical units will satisfy all ears souls and minds and Babar loves to play all enviroments.

Whether with his bands or solo Babar live shows are truly a amazing experience. Thats why he survives and thrives loves to make music and entertain.

.There is no one in the music industry who can do what Babar does.

His Ideas and Music are of their time and Timeless.