About Babar Luck

Babar Luck is an enigma.

He is something that is a multicultural mix.

He has been called “jamaicanstaanee” a “Africanstaanee” a “Irishstaanee”  he sees himself as a world citizen and  a true Londoner and British.

Babar was born in Pakisthan (Quetta)and came to uk when he was 8 years of age raised by a single mother of devout Muslim faith and educated principles.

He fell in love with all forms of music from teenage years. He was raised in Canning Town/east end of London. He chose to mix with all sorts of cultures white working class Africans Jamaicans traveller communities and even the bourgeois each culture fascinated him and his musical desires.

He was a bassist songwriter/shouter in a Electric alternativ genra -crossing uk based band called King Prawn from 1992-2002 they toured extensively many territories.In his time with King Prawn they recorded 4 albums 7 eps and 2 videos and 1 live dvd.

After those years Babar has established himself as solo artist having released 15 albums in a variety of guises, there are thirteen releases of babar luck music/and his wide variety of bands on Bandcamp.com.

He has d.i.y ethic BUT he would admit he has been blessed to be looked after by many peoples. Babar future objectives are for his music to support family AND pay those who lovingly and honestly work with him.

He has toured all over Europe Australia  Japan and wants to try new places and environments. 

At the moment he has two working musical units. The Babar Luck world citizen folk band first two albums are available on Bandcamp.

He also has a electric punk/rock band called East end trinity, they have released 3 albums ….about to finish their 4th

As a  idealist and dreamer he wishes for a more sharing and caring future for all the children on this earth. Idealism and the pursuit of fairness.

As a creativ he feels it is his duty to highlight excite and talk about issues that matter to Babar in this world.

The greater good. collective responsibilty. Compassion Forgiveness.

Whether with his bands or solo Babars live shows are truly a amazing experience.
Thats why he has survived and thrived in the underground and overground music circuit.
Babar can go from a eight minute kawaalee to a  2 minute punk song then to a country tinged ballad.
There is no one in the music industry who can do what Babar does.
His music is of its time and Timeless.