About Babar Luck

Babar Luck is an enigma.
He is something that is a multicultural mix he calls himself a Britishtaanee a Jamaicanstaanee a Africanstaanee and naturally a worldcitizen.

Babar was born in Pakisthan (Quetta)and came to uk when he was 8 years of age raised by a single mother of devout Muslim faith and educated principles.

He fell in love with all forms of music from teenage years. Growing upp in poor working class area Canning Town/east end of London, he chose to mix with and was taken under the wing of Africans Jamaicans and white working class communities and traveller communities.

He was a bassist songwriter/shouter in a alternativ genra -crossing uk based band called King Prawn for ten years 1992-2002 they were a very political and underground.

After those years Babar has established himself as solo artist having released 16 albums in a variety of guises.

there are  4 releases are on Bandcamp.com. only that money paid via paypal go to babar -he also readily admitts there are vast erray of music available made by him-which is FREE to download but encourages listheners to be aware of where that money goes -it does not go to the maker of the music or his loved one or his bussiness objectiv to be able to make more music and pay those who lovingly and honestly work with him.

He has d.i.y ethic BUT he would admit he has been blessed to be looked after by many peoples. He has toured all over Europe Australia  Japan.

He has a wonderful folk band called The Babar Luck world citizen folk band they have recorded 2 albums…about to record their 3rd. their first cd is available via bandcamp

He also has a punk/rock band called Eastendtrinity
they have released 3 albums….about to finish their 4th http://www.eastendtrinity.co.uk

The common theme throughout his music is compassion forgiveness and love for all humanity which can be interprated as wishy washy modern liberalism. What it is about equality and justice for all the children on this earth and protection of mother earth a more sharing and caring future.

This is common thread in many genras but Babar luck does it with bite, due to he feels a love of all humanity and having to mix with the diversity thats the London metropolis as well as travelling being part of world migrancy and a minority in a modern western society.

Whether with his bands or solo  babar live shows are truly a amazing experience. Thats why he has survived in the underground and overground music circuit.
Babar can go from a eight minute kawaalee to a  2 minute punk song then to a country tinged ballad.
Come and hear and see this unique man as Babar has said my live shows are ” a acid trip without the acid and the aim is to aim for the heart and to edutain inspire invigorate”.