I AM HOTT & GETTING HOTTER LISSEN get this samejghei? sono bhaoo bhanoo underich? june 2013


intros and outros get them right then c how it goes. sava? my music is there for all humanity & all wage packets or wrapps get it?ha ha stay on it. this text iz complex for those oo caught upp in the past yes. unleash release the heart yes. thanx to the manchesterheads the other week .& thanx 4 that chap oo smiled at me whilst a gassed some eurocentrik lyriks about intros & outros in deutchland just now . text is for the weak. the heart feels it. feel it. peace always love but enough is always enough we all got to do what we got to do. stay brite in the dark. 



A big shout out to ZONGLOBALIZCAE plzen chk republic for the weekend gone 6/7 2013 june all the wonderful characters jugglers jumpers and musicians and organisers & ALSO 

I play a special show manchester with captainhotknives in manchester this thursday 13th june chk the babar luck live!..it will have lotts of musicians playing exploring the songform. 

Also remeber exclusiv cds and info can be found on this site explore its as mutifaceted and unique like the musical artforms we love to make for ourselves and U.

CREATIVITY&the game(bussiness) THE babar DEAL sameghei? sono.


The deal i signed all those centuries ago. IS with creativity & myself. Thats da real deal. Coz the world of bussiness & compromise is about money. Thats good bussiness. There is nothing wrong with either. Its good to be good at both.  for me personaly the creativity & the soul part is essential. Thats whats most important to me.

Salaam & peace and sava? & khai haal hai? stay brite in the dark.


Yes brothers & sisters the world is a dark place & it is unjust &challenging. Sadly It has always been this way.We must try to keep our sense of humanity & love at all times. we can all go astray. I feel that we can concentrate on what brings us together more, what brings hope to the children. Your children have to eat and so do mine. I do music to bring humanity together. I also use music as prayer& meditation for peace& love. to entertain to make u laugh to make u think to make you smile.

babar luck thanx all & looks forward to chk republic& chk me for real ONE LOVE

Babar Luck, Belgium, 2011

RESPECT IS A ACTION AND NOT A WORD. I thank Commie Faggots & www.facebook.com/captainhotknives for last show. I am a  hugely musical flying bird a butterfly wid longevity. so for all FUTURE musical formatts and ideas BOOKINGS/CONCERTS/FESTIVALS/TOURS u can ask me bussiness heads agents and media giants.Dont be afraid i can only say NO.  love to all and remeber equal rights and justice is a mustice. Till that day me nah rest. Jah and Allah & Buddah bless.email- babarluck420@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/babarluck or tweet tweet(ha ha) www.twitter.com/babarluck 

wow oh yeh!! next live show tHURS 9TH may wiv CAPTAIN HOTKNIVES @ "THE OTHERS" stokenewington u.k LONDONSTAAN


 @ the place that is in  DERBY THE Hairy Dog we was wiv Roz Bruce infusion& DARYL BURNS 3rd may THANKS TO DEM. We dont abandon hOpe and we dont give upp we curry on . MUSIC IS MY REMEDY WE B making a hole in negative thoughts 9th may at The Others none more other then we. wowee looking loving and moving forward please feel free to buy chk and order on the nett all babar luck products it is absoulutely no comPromise music. Coz GOd loves all the children. 

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