MORALITY WAR & WHY WE ARE ALL CRAZY NOW week 2nd-10th august meree zindagee (my life)

For me to write i start as i must spend time with buy & consume independant art from musikmakers & boutique heads coz the shame is ours if we dont.

MY bloggs r so great jus to say wil b riteing ONE & also TO say sat 17th august nex London show 1pm e1 spitafields market

sawazadeekapp while u lott eagerly await my new blogg. bena dobra and jabien bhoath achaa . chk or or chk and the best of luck in all things one love equalrights and justice musick

upploading the future & why I am the unoficial mayor of london town .also next show fri 2nd august u.k london NESTIVAL

 DEAR HUMANS & ALIENS AND THOSE WHO AINT GOT A CLUE...U?  sonoo bhaio bhano chk thase links and also chk on the website "watch" section of this website

SAT 27TH july LIVE wiv bassman fabdafoot Bromely Kent(U.K) 3-4pm 41 chatterton r.d BR2 9QW

YES  brothers & sisters & fellow humans & aliens legal & illegal BABAR LUCK  who loves all the peoples/aliens  all the time is playing BROMELY KENT 41 chatterton r.d CHATFEST  3-4pm for all the children podds and crumbcrunchers bena dobra achaa good tomorow sat 27th july c u then love love

What BABAR LUCK was upto in this month of RAMADAAN & july to U we R one

Yes what i was uptoo & u and this month of Ramadaan I think some of us forget that this time is to be supersensitiv & spritualy more open & calm in all things that are NOT easy best of the time.

Taste the different this JULY 2013 from the unofficlal mayor of london town BABAR LUCK

ashes in all their forms all around and there is always a alternativ and a choice we play fri in wales wid me and the bass man fabrizio zidarich on 6 string bass & we will be doing songs from "voices" 2013 that musical work i have manythings i hav been out there and always looking to play live and be alive was great to do some out there sessions lately tha

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