Well it is a salaam and peace and hi and whats up? I am just letting you know of some of my activities which we I have been doing ...

Music based creativity and all a blessing ...
One can view a little DIY thingy we did in a park, in deep sauf london; a video....
It was good to get that video done by TRESPASS. Check him out at myspace, as well as facebook. The song we used for the video can be seen on my profile at facebook and at
www.youtube.com/therealbabarluck as soon as I get to some helpers who can shove it on there!
Yes, the helpers are loved and if it was not for the love without wanting anything in return where would I be? We get what we give and sometimes it works. No matter we try and resolve, fix and improve for next time. The video is for a song called "DIE FREE" from the 1st cd for  thebabarluckwordcitizenfolkband.
Get that and there is some pretty stuff but it is always deep as well. Edutainment and world citizenship. A fellowship and human one love sci fi ship! Order that cd to learn about all the ways of surrender and love.
I do many things and I wear many hats, it seems. I was asked to speak for a worthy lot who are doing something for homeless heads. and so I spoke to them... I think they are
www.realwaydown.com. It is a organisation which works with various charities and helps the young and the homeless and those on the outside of society. I was talking to them about humanity. The whys and hows and all the ways to make a better world;
worldcitizenship, caring and sharing. Coz they are real and we know each other from back in the day and they approached me with respect and love it was easy. Good luck guys on your voyage in the Landrover to drive all the way to South Africa. Thank you for asking me.
We are slowly getting things together and working on some tours and stuff and I hope to announce something soon. Wait, and when you see me on that stage I will be happy to see from the stage! But like Easy E, the ends got to meet, the kids got to eat... come and get me, if you get me.
Email me at babar@babarluck.com.
I'm doing some low key type things, playing a few songs, one of them a new, fresh thing. It's good to be with Boika Estebahn doing our Remaking Europe Project. All underground and handsome, true intellgence. With the spirit and the desire to revalue and to look at things in another way. I appeal to your intelligence that musick will be more him then me but all a pleasure.
And remakably I have a labour of love. An electrik rock band and we are banging! We are called eastendtrinty. We produced a cd last year and were part of the "Inciting Love & Compassion" 2010 tour. We have that cd titled "Got No Fear At All" and a t-shirt available for you to get. We aint a big houshold name it may be said, but it is good and it is elektrik rock,  two years in the making. We have also done 6 new tracks and are in that loving way putting together some artwork. The band  are honoured to have heads asking and inquiring and we have what we have and its good and  we're enjoying it.
Three Piece Rock Prog Metal
Our new eastendtrinty cd will be called Chakay which means 6.  For those who don't know it derives from cricket and congratulations to INDIA for winning the World Cup. It was a good one some amazing games.
It is rubbish that West Ham FC are fighting tooth and nail and look to be in that zone whatever that means and for those not into that game you have read nothing...
Personally, my greater desire is for more love in this world, more forgivness and more peace, so I appeal and pray for all those who have the power to make the change.
Or as me Uncle said, "You're an Afrikan Cockney" and he laughs as he hears me through the door...
He is an eagles fan or something. Is that golf? Or is that a Henley type thing with Courtney Walsh, or something like that!
Have to say big love to the dj Dave Roddigan, the original Reggae Uncle
for making it through to this time and space 2011April 3rd..
and showing us the wide variety of great reggae music that come from the Jamaican island. Yes, the original Jamaicanstaanee thats me and I was pulled in to it at a tender age and as my blud was saying his assistant back in the way was Dave Pearce not Stuart Pearce, as my head was thinkng...get it?
A little deeper thats me. Coz I saw him on that show with some American rapper called Naz and some son of a son and some lady singing something about something was good though and it was paceful happy days...
Thanks to the ancient Uncles and Aunties that teach us the way.
To all the mothers - always love.
For this one me out.
babar one love luck