Got No Fear At All


Surrender, by East End Trinity

From the album "Got No Fear At All"


5:01 minutes (4.6 MB)


1 - Fire Inside
2 - Spirit of London Town
3 - West is Best
4 - Surrender
5 - For all the children
6 - One World
7 - Easy to be the badman

East End Trinity Band Website


Eastendtrinity is  a band that was putt together around 2008.

It was a opportunity for me to play loud rock music again and to have some musical enjoyment in a loud electric band format. The bands nucleus is a band where we experiment musicaly and enjoy what we do. That is the point. we have toured the cd and the songs. that was great as well.We hope to do more in the future.

This recording was after a two year rehersing in the east end of london. the symbol of the cross and crescent means a great deal to us.

It is a way of unifying society intead of building barriers and walls.

We are very proud of this 1st cd.

It was mixed and recorded by Malcom Gaynor the majority of it was recorded in dephtford complex studios.

Gemma Gaynor plays violin on two tracks and we thank her for her time and patience.

Azam Khan from the adds some sizzling lead guitar. 

It has 7 tracks and we hope you enjoy it.

Eastendtrinity are:
Drums Andi Bridges
Bass Justin Hetterley
vocals /guitar babarluck

the songs are written&arranged  by all we three.