World Citizen Frankenstaanee


Steal it, by Babar Luck


5:24 minutes (7.43 MB)

World Citizen, by Babar Luck


4:56 minutes (6.78 MB)

1/steal it
3/west is best
4/lets go robbing
6/getrich or die trying
7/ease up
8/one world
9/whiteskinagainst mine
10/house of the godds

The 4th self released 2007 "worldcitizen Frankenstaanee" was going to be another proper CD but due to a hunderered reasons become a solo CD, me and guitar and some harmonies me and bass by chapp on a track who playd for a German band called Mono he was walking past the room... Recorded by Phil Freeborn a chap from the U.S.A  who relocated to Germany. Recorded in Germany in an area that was the arty part of the East before the Wall came down. Took a week. Very intense.

A wondereous experience and the skeleton of this CD was recoded and due to many practival reasons we decided to realese it untouched... The picture on the CD was me in blak & white looking like Eastend Hat Canning Town Flavour. I was not happy with things at the time bussinesswise. It began my turning away even more from mainstream bussiness. I think that is a good thing in someways. Phil Freeborn and I spent a intense week recording thease tracks and I slept in the studio.