Care in the Community


Inner Glow, by Babar Luck


3:51 minutes (5.3 MB)

Kabee Nee Kaam, by Babar Luck


3:30 minutes (4.8 MB)

Movies, by Babar Luck


3:11 minutes (4.37 MB)

My Friend Used to be a Mad Axman, by Babar Luck


4:49 minutes (6.62 MB)

Raj Kapoor and Nargiz, by Babar Luck


4:21 minutes (5.97 MB)

1/1 luv
2/care in the community
4/raj kapoor and nargiz
6/war fever
7/101 spritual
8/my friend used to be (a madaxeman)
9/kabanee kaam
10/quarter to eight
11/inner glow


The 3rd CD 10 past 10 rRecords 2006 "Care in the Community" putt out there properly whatever that means and was honured to have a fullband on there and some top musicans who to this day wish the best too and I am in touch with Lu Edmonds, Aidee Hardy, Mark Roberts, Ben Mandelson, recorded at Panic studios by Adidee hardy and a room in Brixton London.


Yes this was recorded with time and done properly whatever that means. it had some great musicans and my musical "uncles " came to assist Lu Edmonds (saz) Mark Roberts (drumms) Ben Mandelson (lapp steel, harmonuim) and was bassed by AIdee Hardy and recorded in his studio unit2 at Panic Studios north Acton over a week or so but the some vocal tracks were done in Lu Edmonds house in Brixton. Again something which had management behind it and some strategy and it has and is loved by many and can be bought on variety of outletts etc... etc...

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