the weekend 1st 2nd 3rd august and few other days before the unoffical mayor of london town speaks 2014

Yes the last few days in a open prose poem style instead of the the other way

for the children 
& your childrens children

the unoffical mayor speaks for all the cities
for all the unoffical mayors of their towns and cities 
what go on

So there was a monday the sunday before the monday

i was seeing

In a place where there was a lott of joy given for the alternative sounds

the place was a meeting place and yes there were humans who drank
& putt their hearts in their mouths

& sang some joyfull noise
& there

it was also a artspace and people dealing with art ideas The Grosvenor sw9 sidney road

will be no more all things must pass i know

But yes there is a shortage of places to sing with ideas and joy

& also a place for someone like me to feel easy
i feel easy in most places
some more then others

but love & peace
& good luck with future things
to those who loved it
& lived in it
& sang shouted in it
& generaly were

human beings communicating being human

Naturaly as the unoffical mayor i have no sway or power to stopp things.

 i know everything must end all things must pass

we all will find our way "home" =death

close open open close end begin end begin

then it was the monday

on this monday my friend Captain Hotknives came over

he was over from doing two festival he had played the Beat Herder 2014
 and the secret garden party 2014 the days before

he had spent 10 days in a field

we immersed ourselves in conversation
& sweetness of life or the sourness of life
the solid walls make a nice change
& the solitude
we had planned to rehearse some songs the songs we had recorded recently April 2014
which is our second musical coupling
the first was in 2010 "Hotknives&Luck knocking on Heavens Door"
a self release thats out of print
but will be digitaly downloadable soon
soon come
as most sounds are thease days downloadable
as and wen i have the togetherness and the funny paper to do that soon come
soon come soon come
this present musical work was recorded few months before with
Aide Hardy at unit 2 studios
North Acton london
so we were making some noise he plays great bass i sing terrible songs and play terrible guitar
but we get it done
also our collabarator & one of mine collabarators of four musical works mr.T.Murrow
a very brilliant drummer 
we planned to have a rehersal on this occasion
because we had a show on 1st August
musicans need to reherse
no matter how great they think they might be
going over songs and repeating the sequences make the listhening for the audience easier
thats why i get Heavy about practice
because it shows RESPECT to the audience
some dont know RESPECT
most artist lack RESPECT for their audience
very important this RESPECT  for all humanity earth and audiences
so on the thursday 31st july we had a rehersal a important day in my life as well for personal reasons (F.A.R.J.L) indeed
we gathered in the warm summer at Dephtford Complex studios
with a gentleman called Miles who runns Complex studios
with his associates friends
& fellow countrymen & women
we sat uppstairs
& the great Reconteur Captain Hotknives amused us with
tails about balls and the squeezing of them
with two humans who play drumms one called kev(who  has played with many associates of mine)
the other mark or simon(this mark or simon plays with a associate of mine and a niche within a niche festival called Malcfest in sep where i am sure i shal play & our conversation wil reconvene )
names and the remembering of them is not my forte
in fact there is very little that is my forte 
i like to throw
words aimed towards me "great" "genious" "gorgeous" "sexybrownblackwhiteman"
i like to play
with with those words
thrown about
i know what i am i am aware of my strenths and weaknessess
(unless i am playing snooker or pool when i think i am invincible)
like correck English spelling
maybe one of dem strenths or weaknesses you decide?
whilst i write
we ran throo a sett the song titles were "Inner glow" "Interpratations(fools)" "Runn Money" "Home" "Love is a ding dong" "comfortably numb too" "House Of The Gods" "world citizen" "outros&Intros" & ending with "one love"
like most topp musican singer songwriters
genuis or otherwise
the main culprit of not being with it regarding playing of those songs in key& intune & in time
is often the main singer songwriter
a paradox yes 
but also a common thread
we ran throo & looked at the songs couple of times
& then we were done
mr. T. murrow went to Peckham to meet his father
& to see a exhibition of his associates art
his friend draws portraits
faces in a realistic style
meaning they look like the actual face of humans
rather then
oranges or lemons
or a block of cheese
which is also another way of drawing
if you know what i mean?
after rehersal me Hotknives
went to the wonderful Birds Nest 32 dephtford new church street se8 4rz
because mr.Hotknives had arranged a meet with some friends at that place
i have not been there in a while it was good to see some very good friends
saw a band called VODUN interesting contempary metal prog style tribal
also saw and said hi to miss. k.Tempest who is very good creative human
like miss. k.Barnes like Mr.T.moody LIKE the band Gorgeous George who have played there
i mett GorgeoGeorge upp the country a few days later small world
 the outcider fest 2014 the 1st one and a good
we got home from the Birds Nest in London
from london 
the next day
we took a coach to Bristol
Captain Hotknives was booked to play the local community festival in Bristol called Redfest
(which happens over a week or so in local areas and parkS and venues in Bristol)
Tangent alert**
the Clutch  is a very important part of drumkitt it controlls the hi hatt
which closes opens goes upp & down sss...sss..
that snake like sound shhhppp!!or chunkier crashing sound
the hi hatt stands on a stand
looking like round two golden plates which are raised and lowered to make sound
the clutch is integral part of getting that to happen
mr. T. Murrow is a hi-hat type drummer
**tangent end sort of----**
it was intrigueing to see how he whould deal with not having  a Clutch
for that show there was no clutch in the building 
Lemmy and Robbie and the rest of us who were there
managed to sett upp sort out& deal with all forms of things lacking that night
the audience were understanding
we thankd them for their understanding
Captain Hotknives didd a brilliant solo sett of his acoustic funny brilliant songs
the audience enjoyed that very much
the wonderful helpers and barstaff were integral part of making the night a good one
Red lion is in Bristol Easton 60-62 white hall road Bs5 9bp
the next morning we Dave a mate of T.Murrow (who came to Bristol with mr.Tmurrow)
we went to the Redfest in st.Georges park
a lovely few hours were spent
mr. T.murrow returend to london with Dave at that point
then a dear friend Chezney
who is a topp musician and all round sensible human
one of the peoples Chezney plays with is jay from the firepit collectiv
Jay from the firepitt collectiv also plays in the Inner Terrestrials
(a important note=i saw the instigator of many great bands and that particular one Inner teretrials the other day Paco hes a "trueblood" i took a "selfie" for me
makes me happy to see him & to say a few words with him he is a Truelegend)
Chezney came to drive me and and captain to mr. Hotknives show in somerset the outcider fest
Chezney didd this because he knows we needed the help
we are very thankful to him and his family
for allowing to him to do this chivalreous act 
families have to bear the brunt of tasks when their "partners" "lovers" "friends" are away
at 4ish pm we got there and 6ishpm Captain Hotknives played
again a very good sett
the bonus for me to attend that Outcider fest was to se on that eve sat evening some
of my youngbloods that i have known for many years
some musicmakers from what i like to think of as a  extended musical family
i dont know how they see me i see them as me "young cuzzins"
(i got to meet sb6 but not d.r i didd see Gorgeous George i didd hear a few other i have seen around)
incidently we had a good ol chat with kevin(fiddle drumms spoons)
who plays with Gorgeous George

the way i look at life and communicate with musicans /humans can be heard as patronising
a way of looking at life maybe too emotional too wishy washy
i am aware thease musicans are grown men and women who do their thing
i like to think of myself as a honest straight "uncle" "bro" "friend" to them
our paths dont meet too often 
they dont owe me nothing
i dont owe them nothing
but there is love and there has been a great deal of time spent together in the past
& maybe the future who knows
but thats how i look at things thats me
a world human family
one love peoples a world citizen
we hugged & left
the morning of the sunday
as always whould have liked to stay
whould have liked to seen Qeld hipphopp from Bristol as intortduced by Hydra books Bristol
as Clayton Blizzard Knows Dino Machino knows time dont allow everything
make of it what you can
 i have music on  i tunes and downloadable sites
chk hear uppload help us to make more music and art by buying our music and art
we have a youtube channel

we have a noisy punk metalband

we are always looking for live work for me and my bands we are about contact us

we have facebook we have twitter accounts babar luck putt in the name chk it this website has links to some of those things....

my next LIVE shows are

8th august at the BOOMTOWN FAIR  winchester u.k with my sci-fi folk band we play friday 8th august 4.30 the old mine stage with the likes of Eliza carthy and many great world class acts

sunday 24th august i play with some musicans 8.30 camden at the purple turtle u.k

i will be at the Notting hil carnival u.k  the next day 25th august being social yamming up food dancing larfing

it is nice to be nice
we are all human we all cry we all laugh
the world is challenging and difficult at times

has always been this way
we are blessed
to be living
& in inviroments where we can speak and write
& express ourselves without fear of death & violence
 or harm to our family & loved ones
so for those who live in societies where
we can do this
lets count our blessings
& we pray
& we send love
& strength to those whos lives are going though difficult times