the weekend 19th 20th july 2014 two shows a "Brixton Baptism" t.u.m.o.l.t (the unoffical mayor of london town) FLOWS..

sat 19th july i arose early in the "ass" end of the river Thames to reach the "head" end of the river Thames. A walk a train and a tube. From one sett of four walls to another set of four walls. Generalisations are something we are all guilty off i started this writeing with a generalisation it spices upp the language in a cheap and vulgar way.

I walked along Richmond high street to see my "unlce" also a "frend" also a "bro". When waiteing outside his door i was approached by a "musical heroe" of mine he asked " are you a muslim?"

I replied " a non practiceing muslim close to a Sufi muslim i have studied a little but i am mainly a fool".

We share a laugh. Likeminded people dont have to explain humour its what makes us human. He expresses a interest in Islam and sufieism and spirituality. So do i. I like to say all faiths that interest me have to have love compassion and forgiveness at the root instead of fear shame and guilt.

I tell this "musical heroe" of mine that i was indoctirnated by my "uncles" when young into Rock and Roll. My "uncles" used to play a great deal of this famous combo music. He smiled in that way that musicians do who have touched many lives in their musical lives.

It reminded me of how the other week i was blessed to have Brinsley schwarz talking to me about life and "the road" and the way things conclude and begin again. He who played in Graham Parker and the Rumour. As Jhon lee hooker said we are in the "healing game ".

Me and mr. scrimshaw drove to the greenest city in the u.k. One of the most enviromentaly friendly and modern grosstadts (bigcity). Also a place of cultural modernity lotts of "youngminds" and future thinking minds. We were scheduled to play a show at the poet tree alliance at Properstock festival in the wonderful Milton Keynes july 2014.

I was there because Ben (i think thats his name) gave me a fanzine after a show last year. In that fanzine there was poetry and ideas and words. They were good and well written. I passed that book to some one else who may be "healed" by thease words and ideas.. We continued to chat and it was agreed for him to see me flowing in words with poetry like quickness the folk band whould suite. Because noisier units and electric units naturaly drown out the words. Which is a good thing and normal thing because people dont realy focus on words and their meanings in most popular musical artforms. or do they? discuss. Generallisations?

I was blessed to meet some lovely peoples who through word of mouth and other media platforms try and encourage a interest in the music of Babar Luck and i know this chap jhon of a venue called MK11 in milton keynes had a lot to do with that festival never to got to say bye to him or hello incase he reads this ... but yes.... next time. is the website of the folk band. 

Both of our musical works are available from itunes. please download upplift enjoy.

The folk band is  G.GAYNOR (violin /viola/vocals)& M.GAYNOR(djimba/cahoun/vocals) mr.Scrimshaw (bass/peaceness) ME(acoustik guitar/vocals/songs)

Incidently Farrizio Zidariach played bass on the last musical work of the sci-fi folk band 2013 . He is a collabarator of mine and a good mate and a long time collabarator.Like most of the musicans i have worked with in the last twelve years. 

This show we didd  songs from our 2nd "musical work" 2013  "Trust" "slow it down" & "surajj ka dinn" also we played from the 1st musical work 2011 "one love" "world citizen" "come home" & "when two world collide" that was for us a good show and we all enjoyed ourselves and more importantly  gave some musical pleasure and some "edutainment". 

Me and mr. scrimshaw drove away and bk to london it takes around two hours to reach bk to the london. Mr. Scrimshaw left me at the juncture and i was to proceed to another show on that 19th in london montague arms and yes the voice of william blake enters my mind...

"love seeketh not itself to please,

nor for itself hath any care"- from the pebble and the clod -wiliam blake

this book was given to me i have had many versions of this book given to me but this was by a wonderful musican J. cahill. A muscian who i dont see more then once a year from afar because we have a love of the Westow hill. south london.

The trot was then a train to see my friend who i did see. We got into a misunderstanding and he and i decided to adjourn our planns for another day. So like most understanding they can be wiped away with a well meaning apology. If the apology is well meant and accepted from both sides without a song and dance. Then bygones can be let gone and humans can interact in a decent way. With friends it should be easy to do and you know it can be long. So finding common ground or accepting our faults and trying to make amends is a good thing. IT shows humility. Not easy thats why life many of a faith wil say is a test. Oh the lord does test us.

I was in prayer asking the lord on this test do have a zero as a score or a one? humour human get me?

I was in Queens road Peckham and what makes this place a good one as far as i can see in that area. Is the Goldsmith colege and i have much love for the arty side of things and this college and what it does to the area is a cleansing effect. We are talking metephorically. 

Now "till the wheels " is a small booking agency organised by a young ladd. Who i have spent some time with talking about things and life. He is known by some of the older men who have been doing what thay have been doing for many years. Oliver is this chapp name and he tries his best to book and do tours etc his musical genra is from a "punk" based background.

For me that means a certain type of sound usualy it can mean anything. Because for me punk is hipp hopp or as i say hipp hope and Rock and roll is blues it is blues based music. Angst emotion passion expression. like many before me i dont see any differance in Genras but i see the differance in text/words meaning.

If ones text in songs lets  say is about cars then i am unluckily to be very interested. Most genras of music i listhen to i find within it something i do like. Most humans like a certian type of music and the clothes and the style that befitts it. they tend to stick to that. 

I have dressed the same and looked the same apart from grey hairs and more balding scalp and more lines on my skin and more life experiences since i was 22 (around 1992)and i didd that because it is saying i am from this background clothes wise. Now that does not mean my background and the clothes i wear have anything to do with my opinions and ideas.

Most clothes most music most art from most socieites i will like or appreciate if given time to absorb take in taste.

 Humans who judge by apprearance and not words and not actions will be confused. Dont be confused i am a human. Once you get to know me you will realise i breath and i eat and have opninions and desires and emotions. Humans have terrible habbits of looking at some thing and quickly making a decision from that look. Weare all guilty of this from time to time.

Intelligent people reserve opinion till they have understood the language and the ideas and the actions and have then formulated a opnion based on some facts. Not always easy to do.

Actions speak louder then words and many sociteies think their actions regardless of what they may be are good. Mankind will convince itself of anything. Sadly.Fear shame make them become what they dont want to be.  We are all capable of good actions and bad actions.

It seems we are the worst judghe of what good those actions were and what bad those actions caused.

Its why love and compassion and forgiveness must be at the heart of all political and spiritual quest because we humans my self included have not been very good. Good is Godly. It is easy to be bad. Loving forgiveing and healing is what interest me.

Back to this night i played a show with a band from New zealand. They like many bands who do do d.i.y. have a interesting time aboroad. From experience it is also very hard work. It is also enjoyable but more work then enjoyment. I saw some very old friends from my musical life and it was good to see them and i did a solo show which featured some old and new songs. "interpratations(fools)" "one world" "surajj ka dinn" "for all the children" & "the unoffical mayor of londontown" "easy to be the badman" were the the somgs i didd this night... is my distorted guitar rock band and 3 of those songs i have recorded with them check the site. You can download the 1st and soon the 2nd of those musical works from itunes. check please.

I got our of there got a red double decker bus back to someway towrds my endz....den train den walk den me four walls..

Now for those that read this will have read that there was a misunderstanding with my friend earlier in the day. Now i didd contact him and apologised for my part in this missunderstanding. We agreed to let it go. We also agreed to do what we planned do on the sunday which was to be soon upon us.

Which is to attend a free day festival funded by the goverment and organised by  bunch of enthusiasts. A wonderful thing which i never  preform at regardles of how much try and ask. Now for those that read this let those who do this festival that BABAR LUCK  whould love to play.

But that does not spoil my day or the going to this event which i got to every year. This year was no differant it is free and we live in a "free"  Compared to most sociiteties in the world we are blessed to be living where we are. There is always room for improvement. 

So as the unoffical mayor of this city me and my friend mett upp down south london near the CP park and took a bus to Brockwell park south londonstaan wen reaching there i met a chap like a great deal of humans i see once or twice a year. He told me he was getting married i sat with him and had tea and chatt with his fiance. I wish them the best. This chap runns pubbs and places and he recognises my musical talent genius (humour amour human). He is a lover of all music and hardworker. 

I was also touched to hear back from a funky man and coz his lady had a child and rememebereed to send my love to him and does a musical thing and he is stretham endz south london in the writeing i recall hm and all the best to them.

We heard some reggae sounds and Rastha which means in Hindi "the way" because that word is from the euro empire which took the more well behaved "house slaves" (the devide and conquer practice that builds many a empire)to work within their societies in other parts of the world. Rasta means the way and as many Rasta has told me and and many non Rasta has told me the way is the "the path" the life quest. The life choice. So rasta is hindi and means the way. As we share with my Indian brothers in and sisters in this country from afar what goes on in our "motherlands" and yes we pray for a more equal share of choices and wealth and aspirations and ambitions which so many are denied. We work we pray we dream we hope.

maybe because those thoughts were in my heart then or maybe the tears had to be hidden from my face ..

or possibly my friend shared that sorrow but the sky didd cry and did it cry that day

the tears fell down the streets and into our skinns

and we walked away from this heavenly pouring

and the buses were full so we walked to a further point to get a bus

we  was soaked through and as were most of us that day who were outside

the Brixton baptism was taking place

i prayed hard as i walked for those who dont get the choices we do

for those who have fallen in this test

and for those who try and help those falling

Love is the God

Love is the God

just kept crying from the sky and we got that bus the single decker that takes a age..... to reach CP

but it was shelter and it was no coincidence we had wide group of world citizens on this bus differant shades and faiths all in this bus

all soaked through all feeling those tears from the sky

we got to the four walls and my friend gave me some dry clothes to change into

and the rain stopped and the sunset came.

The sun will rise and the day will come brothers and sisiters do the best you can peace and love to you all.

Yes i leave the full stopps and commas and get on with the word. if you know what i mean. Its easy and its free. Its the healing game and music is a very good conduit for that. Thanks for reading this one. Rememeber i have many internet platforms.

A great deal of my music is downloadable from i tunes downloads etc please chk. Something you might like. I have one or two things from this website you can purchase.

PLEASE  support independant music which is away from the mainstream and maybe is word of mouth or in your back yard.





my next show is 25th july 2014 a special one in a cofee shop in 3 station approach TW9 3QD  Torelli cafe from 6pm-8pm children friendly and cakes and tea with some acoustic sounds.

all shows please check this website we are around c u about.

love will win.

aka the unoffical mayor of london town ha ha xxxb