TONITE babar luck solo Harlow sQUARE essex CM20 1DW supporting Talisman & big upp to Brixton last night


Dear humans we are humans we whud love to thank all that came last night---Brixton yes one of my fave endz from being a young boy getting into musick and my love of south london began way bk wen - one love community and all the lovely longtime and new found friend it was a electric chaos and musical moziacs of babar lucks last night -OUR punkjabi londonurduish pure british soundz- thank you love you always peace- now my head truns to tonite a Reggae filled set with my acoostik guttar and those blues & blessed to hav mr.scrimshaw on bass tonite- a big hand to a lovely ol friend oo if we mek it out of the ginat superstore with our bellies full- Anarchy and Allah begin with a A.