Shocreeah & dziekuje & gracia to all for the last show londontown & we on to bristol Red lion bs5 with EASTENDTRINITY next


yes blinded by delights-

got Asgar Khan time machine on and Henry my son jason james lovely name  were on like the poet karnzii

milton  keyenes like poets dream of what like boika eztebahn pratini del duomo what?

wow i am taken away with all things he who knows nothing oliver james ward & paddy & kate &danny

is this a room full of humans - stripping down all - some real heads carl & sarah & billy & dennis & daniel hoviz &dan &Kitty &ruby &alice wunderkind

& yes U i did not forget i got go with this flow here right now- we cant do requests like mr.Hicks we know dat we dont miss a trick clayton bangs it out he did not even swear- i wish i cud say the same - a birthday celebrated int he same room -

holby harry counting coins i write this as the bodies downstarirs are sleeping maybe will be waking soon a penchant for nothing  will we be - like the lost solgers wheter out there n the street or head upp with a colorful ragg we know our duty see

i see nothing but Gods love we are one we are mixed we are full done we all have our choices to make - Athur you here - point to hiz heart- Truth will find us all love wil win - peace out

the picture is taken by another me Funke and the two tone baby who rocked it lovely dubbly watch him lissen enjoy dat

NEXT SHOW with my dear comrades Andi & Justin who know me too well-we play punk/metal/ragga/hipp hopp at Redlion whitehall BRISTOL BS5 206 Whitehall Road Whitehall Bristol BS5 9BP