poemblogg TUMOLT speaks fri 5th sep 6th sep 7th sep & 8th sep 2014 let love rule

for the lowest doggs

&the hi-est kites
for the catts purring under northern skies for the God and Goddesses and

for those struggleing in hi-er offices

plantain or implants

like you know you got to tek

care on the underground

take care on the underground

for Ron moore and Bobby moore

for me thats gonna be much more then what i was hold on coz you are my lover my friend and my cuzz

When i get that statue built in Trafaglar Square

de-Nero like Juiian Dickks like

but widd more balls

like "unlce" Nutts

when young knocking on doors

open upp or i knock it down

the clown becomes the master of ceremonies and whilst
the penchant for the weak is a infamy

i dont wear no diamonds

coz uncles dont either

we played at passing cloud East Dalston was visited with mr Meller

& the elisa angelou

we was playing there for Natty who invited me that day

fri 5th sep 2014

got there early coal looked after us and hiz crew were nice to us

i was shook upp coz me Godchild turnd upp only 16 years on this earth

and what

i was and am

is not a very genereous man
coz i have very little i require not much
a hard teacher a terrible pupil

and a total fool

cant breath like i used to loosing aint good for me loose too much

Sister bought her

the sister that i bless widd modern language bibilcal texts

that i made into that hi thought

that i walked into the church with those days away AROUN 1998
and out of the 8 Godfathers 

who sighned i am the last one dere in a way

there is another around swimming like a fish hi-er plane

slinging my heartlines to her

i am still there
the only Mc on the block
(a third rate Mc see)

she is a wonderful child pure Canning town Grace

so how long will it be till i see her
not as long as last time i hope
i remember her grandmother 
Elizabeth born in the same piece of earth
as i was born
can you imagine this
this lineage i imagine you cant or can you?
putting that mirror to you
me and elisa had worked on that last track we played
that long one about "home"
4 walls and a roof dont make a "home"
i gave a brief to Natty
and i imagine it whould take someone like Roger millington
to figure out
that off the cuff the story as he counts his Godclidren
he runns out of digits on hiz hand
12 i remember 12 of dem
and yes they ask him for much knowing him
i know he whould give more if he could
thats why he works so hard
and rocks and rolls
like creedance clearwater revival you know
thats that rock and roll band he plays 1 off da bandz he plays in
or is it  walk in the park like mr. newman or numan
is it a Gary  in the beginning of that name
yes a halocopter or carz
was a big hitt
sold more units then you kiddz
that mirror right there in yor face we dont dumb down m8
facts are facts and figures are figures
so whould you belive it
the room was full full of humans & those 20 somethings
yes Dalston "the lost cities of Dalston "remember dem Bender a band
did that a good band
well me and mr. meller who are both musical space cadetts
and we bash out tunes
for the audience yes and it was "out there" coz him on keybroads and me on guitar
wel without other humans on stage its obvious we whould elaborate and extend things
luckily we salvaged that sett with elisa on the last track
singing her bitts and killing it
me doing me 4th rate mouth percussion
(a bit like not as good as the lost world citizen tom swarman)
and those 20 somethings and younger got into that
and they talked to me after the show to say
yes they dugg that which was nice of demm
but i didd it for dem to get that and do it for the audiience 1 or 10,000
its all the same to me i bring it
to get you to you you know
Grawe played after a young blood with songs and riddim section indie/rock/soul  type ting
Good they were tight
Tallowah played after from Southend
rasta musick topp notch with modern edges and
a real sense of history and respect for the art form of Reggae
which many as a bluesman to paraphraze  said about the blues man
"they want to play blues so bad and they plAy it so bad"
"they want to play reggae so bad and they play it so bad"
you get me?
Tallowah played good reggae and good songs for me simpy good music
labels i hate dem i hate labels
but its a essentiality to give a view for the humans that need labels & sighns
its like toilets and have played dem
well like if toilets had no sighn on the door
men whould BE going into the ladies
and ladies whould be going into the mens
hmm....well that could be a idea?
i suppose there whould be no humanity if we didd not do that?
samejghei? underich? understand? get me?
anyway dont loose Your sense of humour -DEAR humanity
spokesome words here and there got out of there we didd me & mr. meller
got bk to sauf london
and then we were sleeping soon after 5ish am
i was awoken with "mr. luck"
at around 11.30 am the next day the sat 6th 2014 sep to travel to the Malcfest a real family
which has mr.moody a part of as well as mr. anton
well you know what familes can be like
and they are no differant
it is all about communication and thats something we can all improve upon
but it aint easy for anybody make that 1st steep stepp
important to communicate honestly on all sides
and as a outsider looking in i do love you all AND ALL YOU KNOW ME.
i got to be me though and i dont take sides.
i love you all.
yes a  gatherng of ideas and idealologies
this place is deep deep Kent
in the "garden of england"
so we were there after 3 trains and 3 hours
and simon mett me there and another chapp
wow super comfort
and we got there 3ish pm and we were
scheduled to play with www.thebabarluckworldcitizenfolkband.com 
at  4.30pm on sat 6th 2014 Malcfest
and yes we was hi
& i mett a lady who worked in Newham council
(london is very large city it is devided into councils/borroughs depending on the
area the bourough council is in varies and depends on many differant things social/cultural/historical
but councillars
and leaders of thease councills are generaly like most leaders
doing very hard work for very little respect
but ofcourse lotts of wages and ofcourse
like most of humanity some work for and deserve those wages and some dont) 
poor lady (patronisation) apologies i have some
and she is still alive to tell tell the tale
ha ha
she persuaded her friends to stay a while to hear
she was and iz a good one many of dem out there
they make the world go round
The bowl INN at Malcfest was rammed and they were
very good to us and my wonderful players in that band mr. Gaynor and mrs Gaynor
after i played i mett full borg
a J who is also one of my computer teacher
and he was very kind to me and lissened to me and
we sat with Rowland and Annie
who were very wonderful orators and chuckling humans
as the sunn sett
and J was very kind to driive me to the station
i was very tired by then i was tired before i reached there
Thanks for J for being so nice
and HE stayed
all weekend i imagine and partied
keep hi J
best way to b
me i got bk to the 4 walls around 11ish pm
slept soundly
planning things
i had the urge THE NEXT DAY SUNDAY
TO see me old friends who i have not seen for a while
so i jumped on a train and then had to wait coz the train
whould not go THAT way
so i had to get a bus and so i could not get to where i wanted too initialy
so what i didd was make that plann in the back of my mind real
what i didd was go and chk friend  CARL who is the calm type
and we have not mett in a while i had my guitar with me
so i sang a few songs AT  a pub on T- on the hill
and mett my friend at that pubb on the T-on the hill
and then another friend
this other friend who i have known most of my life
took me to hiz endz deep sauf london
and we talked a little reasoning
and spent time deep sauf london
sonoo samejghei?
and in the morning which was monday 8th sep 2014
we caught upp on things
and went to see the bassman mr. Zidarich
who plays in the babar luck experience me 2013 release and is a
dear friend i know that he knows that but practicalities are practicalities
like all me musicans they try and play with me when they can it is a labour of love for them
i know
not out of choice
if you get me?
the choice to have so little capital in the equation is not what we whould choose
this leads to all forms of excuses and other things capital makes things easy
creates less confusion you get me? We all got our motivations.
some do and have to do
some cant
 its all about linking
so we went to his house satt about for a bitt at mr. Zidarich
Beacuase my friend had linked with me earlier
and he got in touch
then i had a link with
who was in south doing shows with
Tourettsheroe (google it worth it)
The shows they do are edutainment and to make the point we are
all One regardless of whats what
and are you with us?
check that out
and it is entertainment and so much more
so my brederen 
was about in the sunny london
we took a stroll along the river
satt around outside the Tate modern art place
and we went to the station and he took that long journey
back to hiz endz north north
and yes it was a good day all round.
Yes will see you around 
we inspire to perspire
babar luck is looking for work as always  in oct/nov/dec 2014
for all his wonderful styles
for all his wonderful bands

please contact babarluck420(at)hotmail.com