BABAR LUCK's poemblogg eid diwali christmas whatever all good if we peaceful&grateful&loving


dont hesitate to forgive

it punches out the hate

being punched out is not a good feeling

i more then often am

needless to say no needles in the hay

we thank the other day Harlow Square way

& all those shows this year so many i dont bother to rememeber

each special each meaning something to someone

dilusiions are illusions

and there are no lions in london

juts empty shells and wannabees

but some buzzy bees buzz around

like the bastard son or rick ross said to me

"sad music is upplifting"

the blues he means yes the Afrikaan blues

or the European blues the days of race r done

money can keep away problems

but some lives are sadly stil worth more then others in all parts of the world

who will shedd the tears

i cry till salt fills out the room

i use it to cook some musical dishes

some dishes for the cast out the rejected the dejected the bullied still singin for them

for YOU as well as you ride that chevy

before the levy breaks

the universal blues dont need text

the less words we overstand the better it getts


be brave in the dark humans


if you look on my dicography on this webiste there  are some albums they can be downloaded via digital download companies you know there are lotts out there so -  investigate use your ears and look and find if you wish- very proud of all my music and all my sounds- i thank all the musicians and helpers- babar luck dec 2014