babar luck's EASTENDTRINITY & mr&mrs Bridges great shared birthday party wow!!

      somethings are just so deep and real. That one has to pinch oneself that the event/reality is happening. Musicians tend to be like civilians in the sense they are human and like humans one must not pre-judge how or why they are the way they are..they are the way they are.
       So imagine if you can a Rock drummer having bashed his heart through many years of musical unions. He approaches his fiftieth birthday and his gorgeous partner, mrs.Jovi and he decide to have a shared birthday party.
       Then being a sentimental soul mr. Bridges the drummer decides in a eureka moment to invite his old comrades of numereous musical trysts. Mr. Bridges has played in many different groups. He also wishes to have each band from his past and present to play four songs from their back catalogue.
        He compiles a list and on there there are ten different groups. After amassing and finding their contacts it manifests that seven groups are able to in some shape or form attend. His comrade "wingcommander" a great bass player who is willing to and does fill in on absent/imprisoned or deceased bass players.
         The evening was wonderful musicaly and personaly seeing friend s and associates from many years ago and realising thease wonderful group of humans are not only caring and loving also are a part of me. They all love their music. They have similar values and principals. They have loyalty and individuality. They dont take no s##t.
          There was a aussenstehender (outsider) there. A friend who resides in Germany, a musician/artist/actor/teacher friend of mine and also a Berlin "borg" a computer wizard of sorts who is playing accordian in theatre as well as organising and loving art. He began my website and continues to keep it going for the love of the art. I was glad he attended because he likes the group Eastentrinity  (  & we are the one love party the one love party.
           Also deserving of a few words apart from the great and many i had lost contact with. I had maintained a contact with my first "teacher" a wonderful musician who taught me some musical basics. Taught me about life as well in my early learning years. He resides in Europe with his wife and family and moved away from u.k many years ago.  That in itself was a achievment from our humble backgrounds. Those that know him whould know he had the ability to be and live wherever he wished. A genuine and lovely human. The great thing is that family i knew all of them well at one point and still hold them in high regard. Real people love.

           There was a parade of bands playing four songs each seven bands in all. We Eastendtrinity were the last to preform. We didd well i closed my eyes and shouted what i normaly do when i play with this unit. But like all my groups and affiliations it is all about the song and the telling of the story.So thanks to all who were there and it was night to remember. And thanks to you for reading thease words.