babar lucks EASTENDTRINITY 3 very rare shows punk/metal/prog/heartcore 15th 16th & 23rd may


i am babar luck a devout musician. I make music the way i wish to in a variety oF genras and styles. we can be  CONFUSING if one is from a tradtonal way of looking at music. THE IDEAS AND IDEALOGIES AND PHILoSOPHIES DONT change and DO change. WWW.EASTENDTRINITY.CO.UK The  musical INFLUENCES of this group  CRass/ Stiff little fingers/conflict/Expolited/Television/Sonic Youth /Buzzcocks/Fugazi/Nina hagen/Riot girl/Bad brains/Eastfield  We have been together for around 6 years we have recorded 3 cds/musical works the 1st cd "Got no fear at all" is available from itunes The other 2 cds "Chukka" (2013) & "DREI" (2014 ) wil be downloadable  the shows and the details are on the front page "babar luck live" of this site.