the babar luck worldcitizen folk band in Boomtown fair 8th august 2014& a irish musician 9th aug J .EOIN the weekend gone..

setting off

sett off

get there

me was awake that day on the fri 8th 2014 six ish am

the fone rang to remind to wake

awoken by a friend

now i am on the way

i take the train and and the tube and then i walk

linkes rechts and gerade

waking upp is a victory

as me "uncle" Nutts r.i.p commented

"if i wake upp in the morning then i am good"
yes a way to look at things etc..
there are those that survive and those that live
what am i? you decide i get on with what i can
this day was to the Richmond endz
to c a mr. scrimshaw
the bass man and master lutheir very hi- ly regarded by all
who know anything about music humanity and making intruments
from scratch me like scratch larry or harry
sava? sava?
jump upon dat riddim
he who i?
englishtaanee then londonstanee then jamaicanstaaanee then africanstaanee
then frakenstaanee then the world citizen a dreamer allow me to dream
obscene some forget to dream
so we were once again at the meeting point
for a show at Boomtown Winchester
i was invited six months ago
by the main booker the captain another captain captain?
very good to be asked as i am just a small fish
in a giant ocean
due to my artistic ego and
Bizzare view of the world
also my many musical bands and great they are
but this is a babar luck and what more can i do thats me
this festival was created by many heads many years ago and it is team work and work it is for those
who do the work the others like we play and enjoy
rules discipline and much planning is done working with councils the police the goverment even
so thats the lott of the organisers  agreat deal of work
we collected the other two musicans in the babarluckworldcitizenfolkband the chaoun/djimba 
and the violin/viola 
mr. m. gaynor and miss g. gaynor
at winchester station and proceeded to this place which is a large space full of peoples and 
a large field or fields
as we were running a bit late i asked if we could just skipp the preliminaries
and the staff were o.k i think coz they saw a small fish whos been around along time
some be thinking:
(how does this small fish survive? in this giant ocean?
they must wonder he looks not like us thinks not like us is not like us
they know this i know this -what does he eat? how does he feed?)

i can tell you straight upp  through the help of my blood family and few very dear friends is how i live eat and breath

for example on this occasion
they kindly allowed us to skipp the preliminaries and thank fully i had

a backupp
in a vehicle called Chezney
whos a topp musician and top bloke
he was working on the site and driveing and helping peoples get from a to b
thankfuly we had pre-aranged to meet
and once i had booked in at the site
whilst booking in i started to see many musicians who are doing very good music
saw the Skints and we hugged and i saw
Kevin Baldwin this guy i aint seen over two years hugged
saw the "uncle" of the Skints
jack from a good rock/hipphopp band claypidgeon 
i felt a bit prickly regarding the recent past coz of no contact from sum of dem
but we do what we got to do
we both larfed a little about the "bait" fishing etc in east a while back
time moves we all change some dont
some stay with the ancient ways
sometimes the ancient ways are the best
for all humanity
there must be rules and discipline to make anything work
from large corporations to friendshipps
i am aware of this i celebrate this
Gorgeous George was there that band we mett again
when i intorduced me self to the chapps at the sighning in place he was unaware of my
unoffical mayor of towness
also of the greatness of
to be fair one can imagine the volume of how many egos and weirdos he has to deal with over the weekend
and hes just a checker in and outer
and i am just a old small fish
thankfully Chezney was on the ball or in the vehicle a four by four
those vehicles oft seen in inner cities
in London not needed to be seen there
because of the lack of hills and bumpy terrains
but in this enviroment a good vehicle to have for off the road driveing
the four of us jumped in and we were taken to the old mines stage
to the backstage and where we hung out and waited and i bimbled about
letting the andrenalin flow through me talking rubbish being a old small fish
we waited for the band to finish like most festivals there is no need or time
for long soundchecks and unles one has a soundperson
and a monitor person who know the sound and the songs
it is best to just plugg in and play
if one can vaguely hear oneself onstage then its a good thing
and we can play thease songs blindly
which is a funny term coz we are using our ears and not our eyes
all eyes and ears with this and most units who work with me it is best to just
follow what i do and because most musicans who work with me
have been working with me a long while they know my
audiosingcronicities and can follow
ofcourse we do practice
Kobo town played after us i have seen them in magazines etc very good the stage was to be
headlined by Eliza carthy who i admire from a afar have mett briefly a few times great musican
thats one of the reasons i was there but on this sunny day
it was 3pm and were to play and we played a good sett the peoples didd larf and dance and jigged
it was deep and heavy and the music with this unit is very spiritual and sunny and wide
we were in the zone it was good we were pleased after we played
we listhened to Kobo town a carribbean worldy dancy musical outtfitt from france
i went to get some funny paper from the organisers
and Chezney was at hand to drive me there and back and then we drove back to the stage and
(yes saw Perky a wonderful young musican who i have not seen in a while we hugged and she went on her way to play)
we got the euipment and i bumped into some more wonderful humans and Natt Arthurs daughter was
helpful in selling the merchandise and ofcourse Dino was there my spiritual brother
and many others who were so respectful and are always loved
like oltimers we dont hang around too much or party too much anymore
talking about me and mr.scrimshaw &
i confirmed with Chezney who was to play with Firepitt collective  later in the weekend
he kinda know why i cant hang about too much
also mr. scrimshaw had to take care of other matters
so we collected the other two 
and got back to the entrance
where i saw and mett the captain who was very respectful i thanked him for inviteing me
and i bumped into counting coins another topp group
just establishing theirselves from sunny Hull we touched base chatted and we drove back the
m.gaynor &g.gaynor
to the Winchester station 
and away from Boomtown a big thing from small things big things grow
you know you know
we drove out summer shower poured and we drove along the hi-way
and we felt that spirit of the road like the "the hook" whould write about
like b.b.king shouted about
back to the london i was straight and sober nice feeling that one
took a tube a train and walked bk to my four walls dreamt of world peace and unity
next day
Guess who was guesting with the "medicine show "
the amazing and wonderful topp notch musician
J. Eoin
in the king x area on the saturday the 9th august 2014
i was cordially emailed
i thought i whould jump out
hear him play some of his great songs
so i didd
he was intorduced to me many moons ago by mr. scrimshaw
coz him an he played together many moons ago
we and J have shared the stage a few times
he was p;aying KIng Charles 1st Northdown street
near the scala near the snook hall in kings x london
near Houseman books near there
i got there early i hung about was admireing the change and the same in kings x
sat about with him and some characters and oh boy some of those can talk
i can talk too thats what i do talk
too much
think too much
am too much for most
as the liquid was flowing we let our tongues work the words
but me i was there for the music and the music was grand
J. Eoin has done two solo musical works that are availbale from digitaldownloads
i suggest check them out great musical works topp notch
he had a guitar twanger with him who accompanied him on some tracks wonderfuly
i listhened with joy and i stumbled out of there
tenish pm and it was heaving in that place
i rode the tube the train and walked bk to my four walls
lovely feeling vibed by the music
music the remedy
Sunday was a day of rest and thats kinda what i didd
hung out my endz and practiced that guitar and those new songs
always writeing songs
always being respectful to that guitar and the gift thats blessed on me
always praying for peace always straight talking
like i am told by a much wiser more beautiful person then me
we cant be good at all things peace can only happen when there is peace
life is a wonderful blessing
so if you wake upp in the morning
rememeber what "uncle" Nutts r.i.p
"if you wake upp in the morning then you are good"
be brite be wise and stay smart and stay disciplined.
love you all miss you all
the unofficlal mayor of london town
babar luck