babar luck TUMOLT(the unoffical mayor of london town) dec xmas message 2014


Firstly just to say to say it was good

what we didd

what we tried to do

what we want to do

coz we are good

good is hard to do

but we are good

in as much as humanity can judghe itself

now we are aware that lott goes on which we dont like

there is alott that goes on that i dont like

i just dont like

it hurts the mind the body and the soul

want to say it was a holy Trinity night the other day

and i was happy to play last few shows with the rock group i do

called we love to rock yes-AND-

the very last show was Watford with me self solo and mr.scrimshaw joined on the bass

which is a happy time for me

and that was us singing in Watford in a relaxed chill enviroment

was looked after by the host and me and brederen now chilling in london

got my other brederen to have some chilld times with in stretham endz

a little meditataion a little food and little prayer

big love to my family all over this world and i send strenth and love to you all

no matter what faith what race what ever you do i wish good sweet peaceful vibes-