Babar Luck tumolt (the unofficial mayor of London town ) welcomes in 2015


welcome - come on in -

what changes

what comes

what goes

what stays the same =

like the righteous peoples know and sense

we just holding on yes =

Gathering momemtum like the inglanstaanee

then the frankenstaanee

then the world citizen

we are all mixed we dont loose hope we got hang on to that hope

its like a tugg of hope we hold our side

like the tears we cry throo

out this world the innocent suffer

how and why? same ol greed same ol hate same ol deciet on all sides

till we can see the world as one human family

and there is education welfare healthcare for all the children and a strategy for hope

we work towards

never give upp

on humanity we are capable of much

stay brite hold on keep in touch


what i do is music in variety of musical styles - i have many musical works available from the internet and from download nettworks please check and seek and find and there mite be some words and music that makes you feel what you want to feel...i express in my artistic musical adventures all forms of love - love wil win -

so thanks to all who help me in little ways and big ways love always and all the best for 2015