Babar Luck tumolt (the unofficial mayor of London town ) the last 3 weeks & 3 shows and what more there to know love is king


the word is loved

& moves from us to us and talk Bout us

them and you and who dem me and who me you

billigerance is a scam for the fat poets loosing ground

whilst me the skinny poet keeps from falling upp and staying we are all down

happy like

when down when the red lights are on or and as and when the light goes on the contineous cycles of birth rebirth death aand the born again

loose again rise again and keep flowing

yes was in the Bristol endz u.k

and the world citizen who shall be with me forever was over and we was jumping to the sounds of the riddim and the WORDS WRITTEN THAT EMBELISH

what we was all about emilio giacomo berrocal in hiz paper a thesis

of the hegemony and the paragihm shifts that take place

and the train thats us racing against ourseleves and we aint gonna make it

we are going to make it

but we are not as important as what made it

and the earth she will keep making and remaking herself like pino daniele that solitory voice singing

and then is gone will sing no more thats the cylcle the flow

cant get bk to it move forward accept 

we was in Bristol the chelsea in easton on the 12th feb

with maxi rai and Qeld

sorted by a wayster and a mcneil

a cuzz of clayton blizzard the one with the dramatik appeal

thanks to the humans who got into it

and did we get in to it

was wid dino machino that wonderful freespirit

too free for some but thats just hard luck

we are what we are we can only improve slowly

briliant mr. tim looking out for us long night

took a coach to salsbury winchester winchestergate 

to sing some support for mr. blake who of to other endz

good luck to dem

mr. o kane was there mr. scrimshaw drove there

played great bass guitar there with me

we met there

we watched mr. blake do a wonderful sett

a crowdpleaser and topp rate songwriter

i believe sausage is the main word

make of that what you wil

apparently he is doing a festival it wil be its second year this year

he is a leader of sorts the festival is called sausage festival

then i was driven bk

by mr.scrimshaw to hiz endz

we shared a few sentimental moments pon da river

and a vegy samosa

some quite funny sarcasatik moments

yield to yield not something that casts adrift this sweetfeelingz

woke wen E ad to get to work

mr. scrimshaw chiveraazly drove me to the station

where pon i took da train to me brederenz endz south london

i had spent a night on the head of the river richmond

a place where people live

woke upp went to get my hair cut well trimmed bk

 me hair al salt an pepa and bald spot

got to try and look slik coz thats the businez we iz in

went to a wifi shop and tapped away i prefer a large screen and as my compute iz not at doze endz

i hv recently been given a smartfone

some whud say me having a smartfone is a oxymoron

never too young to learn never too old to learn

slowy but surely

there r some borgs who look after my basic wi-fi care and they have sett upp things so i can jump in and out without having to do little as poss !?

respect to dem at moment i am being instructed by superborg one and two sauf east

throoout this existance there are many very genereous and

and the too kind humans who are friends and musicklovers who reach and keep us going

so it was the day of our valentine night 2015

i even neglected to give my lioness a valentine card totaly forgot this year 2015

(and as i had started that cliche)

which went down well (not)

forgetin such things 

the show ...and the night ....

firstly massa confusa from newcastle played wel

their  post punk song electrik stuff 

also were respectful and easy to be around

was nice and easy and all the performers who were there i sugest to chk them for those

who folow me about chk me tweet page facebook page youtube page or my live music bit which often has who or what is playing with us

this night was a no differant from those other great nights i have had

so in a way i got me brederen from &

me partner in remakingeurope called also the gamecat

sang spoke squealed some entertaining and funy and yet loving an sincere words/poems/insults       but also


bit vulgar for some conservativ tastes

but love and the act of love is not a mills and boon more loon toones

wel it has elements of Rumi and such floetry but the essence lets  be basik

it is a basik act a natural need so therein i say lovers keep on loving

there was carl chamberlain a poet a dancer a claret and blue lover

and finaly me and the ruby kid did something a poet spoken word rapper type creative and dare i say concious activist

mr.scrimshaw again played bass and

elisa angelou sang beautifuly on home

and gemma gaynor played violin/viola beautifuly who is with child

but very capable of doing much with child

jack blackburn and the conformists played eddie real on the cahoun

topp poet and performer angst laden slabs of floetry

Eddie real  was good for him to sit on a couple of traks and bring that beat 

this gigg was sorted by oliver jhon ward and we thank nole and paddy and crew at the montague arms queens road peckham

so the last scene of this night

sparkles and shiny black night

after all the farewells r done to the precious audience

i am outside

there i am with a lady with a 7 month ol baby a dread from hungary her partner

and their brederen janish a tall musicaneer/chef  wearing a cowboy hat beard and long hair

in a car with a a asortment of hippy/traveler/eco type stuff sleeping bags bangles books

and a large green pott with some freshly made soup in it

which was delicous incidently

and coz me brederen and hiz lady now have me traveling in a smal car

which had a bang on the side of it a dent a collision had ocurred to the shell the outer casing the body of the car

so me fren has gone and i am with the 3 or 4 including the litle baby

and its someone idea that i have to navigate them bk to my endz which tonite hapenz to be a 40 minute drive

so i folow

what i know

i am the worlds worst navigator

a topp songwriter tho which is not much help late at night trying to get

a women with 7 month ol baby a hungarian dread and musicaneer/chef to my endz

throo some minor miracle i manage to get it done get us bk to those endz with that 


the 7 month ol baby

their brederen the musicaneer/chef

and myself

got in had tea and toast and a nice glass of something and we were lisening to music

was playing me small amount of vinyl

blessed are we blessed and i aint going soft i just aint given upp hope

stay brite in the dark and b smart

one love

coz we r all mixed



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