Babar Luck tumolt (the unofficial mayor of London town ) 24th jan 2015 speaks

salisbury in the zone jan2015.jpg

what does babar luck do?

write songs in differant styles and genras=

Thats me a songwriter

who also comments on love- In all its forms - 

all the ways and forms of love thats all.

Music is what i make and enjoy to do-

i specialise i dont diversify

Many want to make me their thing i do m y thing thats my faith

i Do my thing

I Do love all the people all the time

I Dont see how we as a human family cant find peace 

when we can  see that child as our child as that sadness as our sadness

we can change the world to a better world

We cant do that without peace from all sides-

Cal me naieve cal me silly cal me a fool

(i recall you when you dreamed -

dont forget)

Me a dreamer just like you are or sometimes you are

vergessen nicht (dont forget)

we who loves all humanity

but must also speak the truth as we see it-

My truth is from the faith of love

God is love

thats my truth

forgiveness and compassion for all humanity

and a strategy for hope and welfare and healthcare for all the children


now bk to this-

i am looking for live shows til midd march 2015 i may be elsewhere then

but for now i am looking to get as many shows i can whilst i am definetly here-

so please contact and i even have got my old associate Garth who with his associates  started a agency called sticky events bookings -


they are not a giant corporation/no contracts sighned -BUT as i see it associates which kinda get what i do and are also looking for live shows for babar luck and for his bands he plays in

me folk/me reggae/me hipphopp/me rock 

as u b aware i do do many solo shows encompassing all of those styles with just a guitar and a big voice/s and my damn good looks-



you can download digitaly many of my albums and cds from a wide variety of digital download companies

if you can help and or suggest to your local venue in the world- babar luck thats something differant why dont we get him to play our town.....


keep dreaming -cry all your tears laugh all your laughter

love you all - babar luck