Babar Luck supporting Funke & the Two Tone Baby new album release wed 18th june Gillingham kent

Dear humans. Just finished and had a wonderful time doing u.k tour with Liam o kane ....just a quick word to say i am honoured and happy to open and enetertain @ THE BARGE 63 Layfield Rd, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2QY  one of the most exciteing artists in u.k. today Funke & the Two Tone Baby who i was intorduced to by a dear friend Robb Blake two years ago. He has continued to progress and developed and is toured all over... and I was chuffed to be asked and for me as well to return and do a show in "the garden of England"  HiS STYLE  is a man with guitar bouncing blues and folk and heavyness and sci-fi touches . But yes wonderful songs that have real substance. I be there and i hope to see and peace babar