Well well my life and what it throws and makes upon us. Or to be precise what i do to life.It is all a blessing and we enjoy it most of the time and things we dont we try to improve upon or avoid. So as we approach the new year the western christian one coz there are many new years and many ways of looking at the world... 

I hav a wonderful family in Australia. The main objective was and is to spend time in oz with fam. But as i am a musican i do like to play and practice and see look and hear different sounds. I also have been there before and know a few peoples who i whould like to hear play again and as music is also a great love we love to watch play jamm. As with life there is never enough time to see hear and listhen what interests us.  

Australia Like all lands and there is no exception is full of contradictions and oxymorons paradoxes violence stoopidity and incredible beauty and greatness of the human spirit shines wherever whenever. Humanity does not need Pity it requires compassion and the ability to make change. This is constantly happening. for better or worse. for us them and u.

So leaving London is always a hectic and traumatic thing i have big family in London as i see it and lotts have been happening in that family but as the Unoficial mayor of London town we have our duties elsewhere and so naturaly becoming the unoficial mayor of Brizbane town whilst in transit.

The journey involves 2 long flights..about 25 hours i enjoy flying and most modes of transport & on the flight i was lucky to not have anyone annoying or worried or uppsett coz that can make the long journey even more ardious. I can be very quiet belive it or not and i do like to sitt and do nothing and as the airstaff tend to ply one with ways of relaxing and eating one can get a nice buzz on be  elibriated throughout the process.

Getting into the and then slipping into some good routines and checking out those i have seen and not seen. Its been good. I have over the last few days finished the Paul Kelly book "how to make gravy" it is a well written & cleverly done biography he is approching his 6th decade on earth and has been writeing songs and performing for a good 40 years and its good to read about Australia from dare i say a liberal intelligent humanitarian whos lived a artistic life. It is very moving at times and he does not shirk from many issues that mainstream culture in Australia whould steer away from. It brings home alott of home truths about the process of writeing songs/music/lyricks which is my main focus and its good to talk shop as they say but i dont "talk shop" but as young bloods whould verify can do if approached respectfuly. I state again that when IF i reach 60 i wil endevour to write some sort of biography about my musical and human adventures i look forward to laying down some of my truths..ha ha.