3 shows just gone babar luck and liam o Kane solo & whats to come 21st feb 2014

babarluck&liamokane 21stfeb.jpg

Yes salaam and peace. Heres a song with some words and visuals for all the unoffical mayors of their towns U keep holding on.Was down dem endz in Bristol wid liam o kane singing solo in OL England pub it was a lovely time and the unoffical mayors were there and we thank them. Then we were at Hairy dog Dog Derby where there was memories flying about of the time den and how we played many times there in Derby and the Napy Rash Colective.  It was again a good night many good one played Derby there was a solo guy a duo and a full band called Prizefighter..den sunday  we were in one of me homes The birds nest dephtford an this night oh yes we were on it and it was good thanks to all those who took care of us. i support "life on hold" liam okanes new album launch on fri 21st Notingham the Maze. it will be aMAZEING...!!!