18th-29 august sehen meine kind da ex-lowin den fly bk a show & carnival the unoffical mayor of london town (TUMOLT) speaks



let the words flow...


flugen flugen

nicht vergessen miene kind du ist in meine hertz alles

du ist in meine koph alles

du ist meine kind und sehr liebe dich alles

und der ex lowen sehr respekt

the past is present and the present is the past

living and forgiveing are hard things

sometimes humans cant forgive or forget

sometimes i dont blame them

sometimes one should never do what one didd

sometimes life is unforgiveing

the street imam(a non practicing muslim) 

or the unoffical mayor of london town

so how am i? like the last word is breathing? if i breathing then i good

alles gutt all is well

einatmen ausatmen

breath in breath out

the street imam lets explain

is like the rebel rabbi

or the righteous priest

things that we do alone and on our knees

prostrate down and bow down

so i say when i spit lyriks from the bank of reality

i tell all who care we care so much too much feel that you feel me

yes coz peoples judge books by covers

and looks by lovers gazing at eyecathers

i catch alott of eyes i am a eyecatcher

so when peoples judge me by the look and ask me for wisdom they are shook when i say

"i the street imam,the non practicing muslim"

and they worry and they look around

i say i have studied all faiths a little

understood even less then when i began

i continue to study those big fat books

coz they have lotts of goodness in them as insider whos a outsider

what can i say when they ask me 

all i can say is from what i have read and understood

(which is very little)

and so on and so on

i know we all shall die and i know its nice to be nice

i know that the world needs more peace more love more forgiveness

more sharing more caring more respect more forgiveness

i know this is hard to do for most of us even me sometimes

sometimes more then sometimes

but like Jinx lennon says a musician

"we must forgive the c***s"

vulgarity is so cheap i know

but after that statement there is a greater line

"coz if you dont forgive the c***s they wil kill the peace inside of you"

words to that effect

thats a deep thought and a real one peace forgivenss is the key

we  played a show with some humans  the other day

it was at a wonderful establishment with wonderful security and wonderful staff and wonderful musicians 

and ther was a special guy called Bob LIng who was there

and Robb was there and the guy Dave was there wow

and the music was fatt and liquidy good bands good Rock and Roll

was onstage being me with Scrim to the left of me on the bass

to the right was another philozofer hi mr. meller on the keyboards and he can sing and play those keyboards 

the songs we played on this evening which

will be out most of them new songs with topp musos

on them it will be called

babar luck and the philozoferz hi 2014

this night we played "the love you make" which i putt on


"the river" "like james brown said" "be smart" "one day the slaves will be free" "TUMOLT" &

we ended with "world citizen"

good place there was mick there in the hole in the wall

there was some chap from the watch industry called Tom

there was a chap large Leighton

there was Sandy Sohal taking pictures with Tom that foto on this blogg one of them

there was goodness in that room a sort of goodness

i hung out in the back with some beauties

and some care bears they are rare they may seem another kind

but they are one of my kind

took the black line to the homeline

got upp early next day went to the Notiing Hill carnival

super dooper made by the Windrush communities 

who got no respect for starting the Carnival

many wanted to stopp it

back in the way

but the carnival lovers fought to keep it

they were told they should shutt it down

but they fought with words communication & stubborness

thats one thing thats not the same as the usual u.k stuff

thats the Notting hil carnival well its a part of u.k. now

like the windrush communities now are (sometimes)

who like l.k.j a topp notch poet says

"suffered such terrible terror against us for so many years to this present day" 

the outsider shall reamin a outsider

if without economic strenth and powerful links

thats the ausslander

thats the alien anywhere? is it not ?

i dont know me dumkoph in a world of dumkophen

no not you?you?or you?

RELAX  ease upp chill out calm down simmer down

me i am slow simple slow...simple not stoopid

i do know him a topp notch poet

that L.K.J

him a topp notch poet him lay it down

dubbpoet slay it down

i danced at the Carnival i jumpd upp

me the Jamaicanstaanee

coz the Dreads that i hung widd

tol me you topp musician and you get the Reggae

& you yamm upp our food you yaamm upp our culture with Respect

and you speak it like True Rasta

and you know what they told me the word Rasta comes from

from India which was Hindustaan

before the great British empire split 

they sent Indians to work in the Islands

to do the easier nicer jobs

to get the slightly nicer easier work

coz thats how empires are built through 

the art of devide and conquer  

so in Hindi Rasta means the Way the path

SO  as i represent mixing and loving me call me self

Jamaicanstaane sometime coz jamaicans called me that

when i was youth jugen a child

and me say me more Jamaican then the Jamaican

coz me brederen said that so i say it bk

they also jump upp when i jump dem

i jump upp to lov dem ha ha

like all faiths and humanity love be the key

so the Carny is over for another year and i was blessed upp to be there

i think it is the largest european carnival

we have no color i dont see no color

straighttalking talking trooth

my mother said only action matter not color

words anyone can speak action make it

so i try to improve myself and my actions

but every action get a reaction

we must become slower to judge

quicker to undertsand

open upp

fly fly fly

let the words flow

but actions speak louder


sprechen ist silber schweighen ist gold


i have much nett pressance my name is babar luck

i have music on itunes which you can download

also thease other basic websites & nett platforms







i also am always looking for live musical work for my bands

and my wonderful musicians

wher i and my musicans get treated with Respect

i am always pushing my self and making music that excites enthralls me

as i hope it excites stimulates you

keep alive enjoy what you can

stay brite in the dark