Babar Luck supporting Funke & the Two Tone Baby new album release wed 18th june Gillingham kent

Dear humans. Just finished and had a wonderful time doing u.k tour with Liam o kane ....just a quick word to say i am honoured and happy to open and enetertain @ THE BARGE 63 Layfield Rd, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2QY  one of the most exciteing artists in u.k. today Funke & the Two Tone Baby who i was intorduced to by a dear friend Robb Blake two years ago. He has continued to progress and developed and is toured all over... and I was chuffed to be asked and for me as well to return and do a show in "the garden of England"  HiS STYLE  is a man with guitar bouncing blues and folk and heavyness and sci-fi touches . But yes wonderful songs that have real substance. I be there and i hope to see and peace babar


Babar Luck - Real People Love2

Dear humans to catch the FIRE that is Babar luck. Real "edutainment" for all humanity. A way of talking about real things without wanting to change anybody. Not having to give upp anything. To sing songs for you to make you happy. Compreanda underich? My brederen and fellow musicmaker liam o kane will  will be singing songs from "life on Hold" his new 2014 release. I will be doing musicaly onstage whatver i wish to. But i do wish to make you smile think and dance and be easy. one LOVE for the next generations. Diversity and unity. we are all EQUALl but not the same. love WILL win. 

babar luck's EASTENDTRINITY play BEARDED THEORY FESTIVAL FRI 23rd may 2014 a rare special show rock/punk/metal/ragga sounds


EAST END TRINITY our rock band we have been making music and doing some very rare shows for the last 6 years. We have recorded 3 cds and even had some t-shirts done. The t-shirts are almost gone. The first cd is downloadable from i-tunes look upp East End Trinity. The other 2 cds(a few still left) but wen sold out will follow that path.

BUt as live unit we play fri 23rd may 2014 and we love to play when we do play live. This is rock metal punk made by the great British communities expressing viewpoints from all the great British communities via the world citizens who live in the heart of LONDON. 

A BIG THANK YOU TO Duke of wellington SHOREHAM 15& GAIL SOMETHING ELSE 16/17/18 essex 2014 & Funke and the two tone baby

Much love and happy vibes is and has always been the way "divesity through unity" speak the truth and shame the devil. I WILL DO ALL I CAN TO SPEAK THROUGH LOVE as the heart of all i SPEAK.

I like to thank Atilla the stockbrocker who was present at the Shoreham show (Duke of wellington)and the all the staff who assisted. We played as utilising great british alternative sounds noisy with electric guitar and drumms and eletric bass. Thanks to him and those that love him. We are very differant in many ways but OUR objectives are the same. Lets always rememeber whats important and whats not as important.

I got 3 cds from "Funke and the two tone baby" his 1st "injustice and queen" 2nd "battles" & 3rd e.p. "the last thing we'll see is the sea" and i gave him 3 cds as well. I like and recoginise this Funke and two tone baby as on e of the best artists out there(if i was a marketing corporate bussinessman) in the great British music scene(my friend mr. Blake told me about him 2/3 years ago... Like clayton blizzard "analogue is better then digital"who i think is great as well listhen to his sounds.. Like liam o kane & Ed Koral whos cd "life on hold" is very good on OFFCUT records.

Thease youngbloods/truebloods (there are many more who i could mention and thats the beauty of music/art/ideas)- seek and you shall find. Or you may find something else which you do love....and the flow carries on...

All i know is music is the key love is the God. BIG respect to Gail who is on the great British music life scene and does music and lives her life to "the way" the "rastha" LIke "rasta" rastha is punjabi for "the way" we live Rasta  BEOFRE THERE WAS RASTA if you get me.

Its all been the same and we come home. Home is where all shall rest. Inshalaa and and all the godds and the goddesses bless.

babar lucks EASTENDTRINITY 3 very rare shows punk/metal/prog/heartcore 15th 16th & 23rd may


i am babar luck a devout musician. I make music the way i wish to in a variety oF genras and styles. we can be  CONFUSING if one is from a tradtonal way of looking at music. THE IDEAS AND IDEALOGIES AND PHILoSOPHIES DONT change and DO change. WWW.EASTENDTRINITY.CO.UK The  musical INFLUENCES of this group  CRass/ Stiff little fingers/conflict/Expolited/Television/Sonic Youth /Buzzcocks/Fugazi/Nina hagen/Riot girl/Bad brains/Eastfield  We have been together for around 6 years we have recorded 3 cds/musical works the 1st cd "Got no fear at all" is available from itunes The other 2 cds "Chukka" (2013) & "DREI" (2014 ) wil be downloadable  the shows and the details are on the front page "babar luck live" of this site.

some of babar luck music on itunes available check out absorb partake


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