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what we didd and where we are NOW as we approach end of October 2013

HI fellow humans and those trying to be human.Firstly on this "blognovel" words about the last 4 shows of the year in u.k. Dare i suggest read the whole thing hit the "read more" under this bloggnovel. Yes my  bloggs can be long but i grew upp on Bollywood films prog rock & Indian ragas. We love fatt books with the smallest prints. We aint easy. We dont dont dumb down. We dont popp it out. We aint popp. We do love some popp music. We do make some popp music. We want to show you shiny beutiful things so come on in. You are all welcome.

MUCH THANKs TO ALL YOU TRUEBLOODS sep/oct 2013 me Big blogg will FOLLOW SOON

just a very big thank and i am honured that humans from all faiths and backgrounds look after me. I know those that get me get me and it is EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE  music it is living that being that and when we fall to come back upp and tel it ONE LOVE for all HUMANITY. TIL that day.

Thanks to all those this weekend my last show in u.k thurs 3rd October 2013 london

Yes much respect & love to all those that came & see me play this weekend and the lovely band that supported us like and the chap who drove us plays in so now look forward to the last show

A LIVE WEEKEND COMIN 27TH sep milton keynes 28TH sep ABERDEEN & 29th sep GLASGWOW

just to say a big thanks to all las weekend & look forwrd this wknd  27th kiln farm pub milton keynes/28th aberdeen moorings bar /28th glasgow ivory blacks be there if you can no pressure.

BABAR LUCK yay zendagee DOBRA BENA JABIEN TEEK HAI?25th august to 12th sep 2013

dear brothers and sisters and those inBetween and those outside & inside welcome.

Just wanted to mention a few things this time...coz keep it different ...from the last 1..


Monday the 12th aug

was with Richard a lovely man  Bexleyman  talked about speakers and the volume of SOUND. saw funky AL whitehorse streatham love streatham that hi street know dem ends rememeber Georg was a civil servant cofee shopp wow..that brings a chil to my bones a good chill. a world citizen..

Tuesday 13th

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