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the babar luck expereience thank u & "voices" 2013 is available for download

Yes we have been busy making music. Like we said the recording which was made last year of The babar luck expererience is avaibale for downloads ---it is a full length 12 track musical work recorded unit 2 studios north acton it has Tom Murrow -drumms Fabrizio Zidarich -6 string bass babarluck electric guitar&vocals 


NEWSFLASH special full band london show APRIL 20TH @the birds nest 32 dephtford new chuch street se8 4rz FREE ENTRY

The Birds Nest  london on sunday april 20th( 32 DEPHTFORD NEW CHURCH STREET SE8 4RZ  5 min from overrail Dphtford and 2 min from d.l.r.)   Babar Luck with full band 8ish pm-10.30 plus much more FREE ENTRY + the amazing & special guests a rare treat fro all one love party peoples.

BABAR LUCK 2014 march thanx for the last weekend & Whitely bay Durham much more Clean blog blog blog blog

Dear fellow humans just like to say thanx for the 7/8th march  this weekend. We were taken good care off. I took the long car(coach) to the north east newcastle, was mett by a wonderful mark who looks after The pastures & The juggernaught love band.

It was a ecalectic night Brooke Benton started and then the Pastures played and then it ws me with my solo experience tingy which went down well.

The day after we were in whitely bay taking in the air. Lovely. Thats sea air. Fresh like doughnutts and the scent of flowers. the North east and the only city close is Sunderland it is a land mass detached from the mainland. IT creates many things. I now know where the name Blythe powe comes from if i lived there them endz i whould be there  bk in the way ha ha you know you know.

On the sdaturday as well we had a show in Durham a fine place a co-op that looks after other things and tries to entertain and help the enviroment of the alternative ways. It was the first time i have eplayed there and it was good. Both shows had a attentive audience and it was good to have that.



I end this blogg with this video for the unoffical mayor of london town and for all the unoffical mayors of their towns it is for the voiceless and those locked down or simply those we know who are going though hardtimes.. love is the way.

stay brave sonoo bhaio bhanoo sava sava yes be well .

Also gave this main website a clean thanx to the Borg from Berlin & Hmaburg for trying different things with this and his time the most precious thing and also the most enjoyable thing live long and prosper.

TUMOLTS (theunofficialmayoroflondontownspeaks) sat 8th nov soon come very BIG show & much more oct-2014


Dear humans i am curating a very special show Montague Arms Queens road sw15 2pa london u.k SAT 8TH NOV -

It features some acts i have played with and been around the last few years.

I have chosen thease acts for this night.  I am honoured and blessed that they have agreed to be there. I humbly ask you to attend and be entertained. There will also will be EXTRA guests and all a good party vibes.

Some are surprised when they hear i have no agent manager or publicist.I am always open to offers. It has to be shared responsibilty. Like most independant artits we whould love some help finanacial and practical logical . But unlike most independant artits Babar Luck is a very special case requires special care a greater awareness. We are always HAPPY to speak to a  agent manager publicists. We are always willing to work. We are always willing to LISTHEN  to ideas that can mutualy benefit myself and those around me.

my email for all things is babarluck420(at)

Please let peoples know babar luck is willing to play he has 3 bands who play variey of music. HE CAN play solo as and when. What Babar luck does i know no one else can do. Because i am truly unique amalgamation of cultures faiths ideas and ideaologies because i mixed out of choice and desire to learn to invigorate my mind.

whats my my gift firsty fearless secondly instinctive thirdly able to view from allsides.

Creating ideas sharing ideas is my gift. Talking about things others dont talk about. I am happy to share this gift and to bring something else to any  enviroment.   

There is also much music i have made which is available from itunes and amazone- & other digitial companies you can also contact me directly if you are those that dont do the buying &selling via the nett.

A big thanks for reading those first few lines because i am aware you want that POEMBLOGG-


This healing process this REALTIME doing. a BIG THANKS TO a very select few who assist me with all my stuff. They know who they are i love them 100% OR 120%...

I thank you all for the nice words and the nice actions and it is greatly NEEDED and apprciated. Otherwise .....BUT REMEMEBR

Once the pressure is on

like cold sweat

IT has been recorded the cliches

march on in

it has been noted

that out of the cliches the one to keep
very much aware of is
stay kool
breath in breath out
like all those heroes that do that
angry bird dont be one
the desire to inflict discomfort
on the human and other humans
Who have become the opponent
like how or could we douze out pepper pig
i thought that was something else til i laughed at that cartoon
children reflect on us things
they show us a great deal
whilst the creators of famine war & death & diseases
want us to think of their things
otherthings to foget that
giving without wanting
that laughiing without worrying
is whats important to make that the WAY
once the pressure is on
keep breathing slowly and carefully
hear the heartbeat and remember
there is much to be done after this
this day that wont end
will this day end ?
this day that day is a long
longer then babar lucks poembloggs
longer then the heart that yearns for peace and the opening of doors
longer then the wait
the wait is long
surely there are more hours then 24 in this day
Dont let pressure fool you
Dont let the Devil make you hurt anyone
Dont let the devil make you carry that gun
Dont let that devil take you to the hurt and guilt and shame
Dont let those who are kool in charge in control
tell you its o.k
not its not o.k
when we fought and wen we fight we shake hands after thats right
we have no weapon but the bone and flesh and yes we will fight
to protect
thats older then
any decision
or conflict
to protect the children
but no weapons no gunns no 10 to 1
On all sides the violent & stupid carry the guns
(we want peace for all)
control the channels of missinformation which on all sides is their warmongering devideing
(we want peace for all)
making immoral points about how they are right &
(we want a peaceful world)
the warmongers the haters
have a opposition normaly a different faith/culture/background
they will say their opponent dont know "their arse from their elbows"  
the violent and the stupid always fighting
the violent who have the firm belief in more violence
no end to any war
the violent and the stupid on all sides
with their faith in a vengfull and hateful God
or some twisted political ideaology
or some corrupt illegal way to make more money
they continue to try to control the past the present the future no doubht
with their belief
the missinterpratation is the bitts they want
the whole picture is long gone 
as the next generation get ready to kill
hurt and learn nothing from history
-i enter the art and deal with the hurt throo doing things which talks about
love and peace and how we can fight the good fight
without weapons and war and death 
making love more and talking less
sprechen ist silber schveigen ist gold-
i curl upp with a good book
where the good and the bad do the good things and the bad things
where there is hope
that music that instrument is prodded and plucked hummed and ahhd
like easy e banging that microphone
whilst much beter mcs look on
some wonder whats that who datt
like you coming towards me with a smile EVEN
after all thease years & i  still blush look away
hide my yearning heart talk of nothing and make stoopid jokes
yes if there was a end to wars and love was a open happy thing
and we were content with what we had and just dreamed of things we didd
not have
and made simple assured stepps to raiseing a new generation
who could relax and enjoy the beauty of this earth -
i am soft i aint going soft was always soft
like light ness i bring love and nothing more
those other things concern me less and less
i want to thank you for loving me
i want to thank you for allowing me
i want to show you how i can be
i want to thank you for trusting me -
love those that love you respectt those that respect you
love will win
love is winning
love has always won





poemblogg TUMOLT speaks fri 5th sep 6th sep 7th sep & 8th sep 2014 let love rule



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